BMW 7 series
Impressive hood lines and powerful trunk lining BMW 7 Series Sedan radiate confidence.

The large grille underlines the quiet dignity of the new BMW 7 Series Sedan, and a clear line of shoulders runs all over the board from the hood to the trunk, visually extending the car.

Door handles, harmoniously "inscribed" in this line, produce an inimitable effect even at night.

Design of the BMW 7 Series Sedan.

Spaciousness, neatness, elegance, beauty andfunctionality - these are the defining features of the BMW 7 Series Sedan. The interior decoration of high-quality materials creates the impression of handmade work, offering a new interpretation of the attractive modernity.

A distinctive feature of the cockpit driver -devices with the technology of the "black" screen: the matte black screen gradually lights up when the ignition is switched on. A special high-tech ceramics can be used as an option for finishing certain controls and switches.

Eight-cylinder petrol engine model BMW 750i.

New eight-cylinder power plant BMW 750i has a high power and excellent traction and dynamic characteristics, while it has an even lower fuel consumption and toxicity level.

Maximum engine power V8 with technologyTwin Turbo-supercharging Twin Turbo is 300 kW / 407 liters. from. Maximum torque of 600 Nm engine develops in the range from 1750 to 4500 rpm, and for acceleration from the place to 100 km / h takes only 5.2 seconds.

But what can dry figures say if you have not heard the unique roar of the work of this eight-cylinder engine?

System of dynamic adjustment of rigidity of suspension of BMW 7 series Sedan.

BMW 7 Series Sedan has a consistently highsmooth ride regardless of the speed and quality of the road surface. Installed on the shock absorbers of the new design, sensors with a frequency of 400 times per second send signals to the control unit of the system of dynamic adjustment of the suspension stiffness, which smoothly adjusts the stiffness of the compression stroke and the rebound of each shock absorber.

This means that the stiffness of the shock absorberschanges in accordance with the quality of the roadway, regardless of which mode of driving the driver has chosen, thus achieving an exceptional smoothness of travel even when driving at high speed on a rough road.

BMW 7 series

Ergonomics and security

Attention to detail distinguishes a first-class car from just good. Details that are so important to drivers, such as, for example, the ergonomics concept of the BMW 7 Series Sedan.

The center console is slightly raiseddirection to the driver, while all the controls of the car are displaced closer to the driver, and the comfort system keys are located closer to the center than the clear and functional organization of the space in the cabin is achieved.

Conveniently separated from each other cruise control keys are on the one hand, and the controls of the audio system and the phone on the other.

Projection display - an additional function of the BMW 7 Series Sedan, which provides information on the speed and direction of travel, and also displays warnings directly in the driver's field of vision.

Information is projected through the windscreendirectly in the field of view of the driver, without distracting him from driving. The virtual image is formed in such a way that it seems as if it is in front at a distance of about two meters just above the hood line.

This allows the driver not to be distracted from the road and does not require a refocusing look.

In a revolutionary new The vehicle control system allows you to display information about the maximum permissible speed. Installed next to the inside mirrorThe rear view camera constantly scans road signs and monitors special warnings displayed on the projection display, and it responds to signs that prohibit traffic at speeds exceeding 60 km / h on a wet road only if it really rains.

The maximum permissible speed is displayed in the instrument cluster or on the projection display (option).

Installed on the windshield next to the interior rearview mirror, the camera monitors the road markings and movement of the car relative to the edge of the road or strip. The system switches on as soon as the car involuntarily descends from its own band, and warns the driver of easy vibration of the steering wheel.

If the driver turned on the turn signal indicating the intention to perform the rebuilding, the system does not respond.

BMW 7 series

BMW 7 Series 750i Technical Specifications


  • Front tire size 245/50 R 18 Y

  • The size of the rear tires is 245/50 R 18 Y

  • The size of the front discs 8J x 18 aluminum

  • The size of the rear wheels 8J x 18 aluminum


  • Number of cylinders / valves per cylinder 8/4

  • Working volume (cubic cm) 4395

  • Piston stroke / cylinder diameter (mm) 88.3 / 89

  • Max. Power in kW (hp) at a frequency of 1 / min. 300 (407) / 5500

  • The maximum torque in Nm at a frequency of 1 / min. 600/1750 - 4500

Weight (kg)

  • Own weight according to EU norms 2020

  • Permissible gross weight 2575

  • Carrying capacity 630

  • Permissible axial load (trans / rear) 1270/1365

Traction-dynamic characteristics

  • Coefficient of aerodynamic resistance (cw) 0.31

  • Maximum speed (km / h) 250

  • Acceleration time to 100 km / h from the place (c) 5.2

  • Time of passage 1000 m from a place (s) 24,1

Fuel consumption

  • In the city (l / 100 km) 16.4

  • Outside the city (l / 100 km) 8.5

  • Mixed (l / 100 km) 11.4

  • CO2 emissions 266

  • Tank capacity (l) 82

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