Mercedes-Benz B-class

To understand who this mysterious German really is, is extremely difficult - or a golf hatchback, or compact, or someone else. Creators classify it as Compact Sport Tourer.

With the advent of 2005 Mercedes B car manufacturers with a three-beam staron the hood filled the previously vacant niche in its model range between the compact urban A-class car and the smallest representative of the C-class sedan family.


Externally Mercedes B is a kind of symbiosis of its twobrothers - A - class and M - class. Even without seeing the brand emblem on the radiator grille or trunk lid, you can accurately determine from which noble family this car is going.

Punching, swiftly flying from swollenwheel arches in the direction of the stern, a smoothly flowing roof line, sharply receding down the rear arches, a large number of bends and curves, wide-eyed head optics and inherited from the previous generation E-class taillights unequivocally make it clear that this is undoubtedly Mercedes-Benz. Very well with all this combined 17 "multi-ray discs.


Decoration of the dashboard Mercedes B largely repeats his younger brother. The difference is that in the appearance of inserts made for metal.

Everything is strictly and functionally, every switchis in its place, exactly where you expect to find it. The seats in front for the driver and the passenger are enough, no one is bothering anyone. Do not experience discomfort and those sitting behind.

With an average (or even slightly above average), the growth of people in the car, space enough and above the head, and for comfortable leg position. At the same time, the luggage compartment is not trimmed in size. Its volume is 550 liters, and if you load under the string (under the ceiling) - 695 liters.

In the car there is a possibility salon transformation. Rear seat backrests and front passenger seatcan add up. And if you choose an optional variant of the Izi-Vario saloon, you can completely remove all passenger seats, having received a capacity for loading 2,245 liters.

Fixing hooks in the cabin are quite a lot, but the pockets, pockets, folding tables, cup holders, so typical of the traditional "Venom" is not enough.

Mercedes-Benz B-class

Driving performance

The choice of potential buyers of Mercedes B is offered wide range of engines. These are two diesel power units: In 180 with a capacity of 109 liters. from. and B 200 with a power of 140 hp. And also four petrol engines: В 150, В 170, В 200 and В 200 Turbo with capacities accordingly 95 l. with., 115 liters. with., 136 liters. from. and 193 liters. from.

Those who prefer a quiet ride will suitengines with a volume of 1.5 liters. or 1.7 liters. And those who like to "pozazhigat" will like 2 liters. Mercedes is equipped with an adaptive suspension with gas shock absorbers, which themselves, depending on specific road conditions, change their rigidity.

I drive a car they do very much comfortable. It should be specially noted seven-speed automatic transmission. The gear ratios in it can vary very smoothly, the engine responds to it quickly and clearly, without any thoughtfulness and jerks. Motors Mercedes B have an enviable rigor.

Thanks to the new fuel injection system, 85% of the torque is delivered at 1500 rpm. Specials aerodynamic devices do not allow noise to penetrate into the interior. If the measured movement is not to your liking - you can go into the mode Sport.

At the same time, the automaton for the subsequent transfer will pass at higher engine speeds, and the reaction of the gas pedal will become sharper. Transfers can be switched manually.


Based on the evaluation results in the series of crash tests EuroNCap Mercedes B received five stars for ensuring the safety of passengers. A high degree of safety is achieved by using special deformation zones in the body structure that absorb the collision energy.

The machine has a unique layout (with socalled a "double bottom"). In a frontal collision, the engine, which is specially located at an angle, does not go into the interior, but under the floor. In addition, this design provides a high fit, which also gives the advantage of a side impact.

Decent list of devices is also passivesafety: four air cushions, active head restraints, three-point seat belts with pretensioners. Among the electronic devices are traditional already ABS, ESP, ASR, BAS and novelty - the system Steer Control, which, if necessary, corrects the trajectory of motion even before the ESP triggers.

Mercedes-Benz B-class

Specifications of Mercedes-Benz B 150 5МТ

general information
  • Production start: 2005

  • End of production: -

  • Acceleration to 100 km / h, from: 13.0

  • The maximum speed, km / h: 175.0

  • Curb / Max weight, kg: 1300/1835

  • Fuel consumption, l / 100 km

    • </ li>city ​​/ route / average: 8.3 / 5.6 / 6.6</ li>

  • Fuel tank, l: 60

  • Type: Hatchback

  • Seats / Doors: 5/4

  • Length / width / height, mm: 4270/1777/1604

  • Track front / rear, mm: 1552/1547

  • Wheelbase, mm: 2778

  • Trunk volume min / max, l: 544/2245

  • Turning radius, m: 4.95

  • Type: Petrol

  • Location: Front, transversely

  • Volume, cm3: 1498

  • Configuration: L4

  • Max. power (revolutions), hp (min-1): 95 (5200)

  • Max. torque (revolutions), Nm (min-1): 140 (3500-4000)

  • Max. revolutions, min-1: -

  • Compression Ratio: 11.0

  • Timing: SOHC

  • Valves per cylinder: 2

  • Power system: Distributed injection

  • Control System: Electronic

  • Supercharging: No

  • Piston stroke / diameter, mm: 69.2 / 83.0

  • Permissible fuel: AI-95

  • Recommended fuel: AI-95

  • Max. oil consumption, l / 1000km: -

  • Type of gearbox: 5-speed mechanics

  • Drive: Front

  • Front suspension: Independent, type McPherson, with anti-roll bar

  • Rear suspension: Semi-independent, spring-loaded, with anti-roll bar
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