Motivation of staff
Not the least role in effective work is played bycorrect motivation of the employee. Someone is laid out on all 100 of material motives, to someone the self-realization and a recognition of associates is important. How can you motivate your employees? Recommendations for leaders give the country councils.

If an employee feels humiliated,insulted or hunted, how will this affect the effectiveness of his work? Contrary to the opinion of some unlucky leaders, constant reproaches about low efficiency and professionalism helped very few people to improve the situation. Usually an employee, realizing that any of his work will still be evaluated poorly, prefers not to try, but simply "sits" his time at work. Especially vulnerable and sensitive - generally go.

The atmosphere of mutual respect, moreover, in the first placethe queue supported by the manager is an important aspect of the successful motivation of the employees. The leader should communicate respectfully and politely with all employees, regardless of rank. Each employee should feel their importance in the team - this is one of the most important human needs.

Constant conflicts at work also badly affecton the performance of all employees. Instead of working, the members of the collective will argue about something, discuss something, internally experience and worry. Therefore, the task of the manager, who values ​​his work collective, is to provide the most friendly atmosphere. This means that it is not necessary to create conditions for tough competition, but, on the contrary, it is necessary to support mutual assistance of employees.

Promotion of the career ladder - no doubt,motivation method number 1 for ambitious employees. Knowing that the fruits of their work will not go unnoticed, such employees will try to do their work as accurately as possible, accurately and quickly, will show initiative and determination. Personal commitment of employees in the prosperity of the company they work for, encourages them to better perform their duties.

Social security and the creation of decentworking conditions - this is also a significant motivation for the staff. Confidence in the future instills calmness, gives a sense of stability. Therefore, an employee who is not afraid that tomorrow he will be expelled from work without a severance pay, works more efficiently. Leaders should not forget that certain social guarantees are given by the Labor Code, therefore they are not only possible but also necessary to be observed. Additional bonuses and bonuses, in turn, are introduced at will, but they excellently motivate employees to work better.

And, of course, the salary is the most importantmotivator for almost all employees. It is important for every employee that he earns the earned money on time and in full. At the same time, a long stay on one "frontier" is detrimental to the desire of the staff to diligently fulfill their duties.

Among workers, the opinion is widespread: "How do I get paid, so I'm working." Therefore, the head, who wants his subordinates to work with maximum efficiency, should provide them with the opportunity to raise their salaries.

Only one kind of motivation is rare,usually the employee has several different motives to work with zeal. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all possible motivations and combine different methods to stimulate employees.

Motivation of staff
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