Treatment of allergies in children by folk remediesToday, four children out of ten have at least one allergic disease.

Drugs for the treatment of allergy manifestations are also many, but their effect is not always safe for a fragile organism, besides many drugs are forbidden for babies.

What is an allergy, what it is and how to treat allergy in children with folk remedies - these are the questions that we will try to answer.

Allergy in children is a reaction of the body's immune system to a substance that seems to him potentially dangerous. As a response, protective mechanisms are triggered: runny nose, cough, rash.

Heredity also plays a significant role. The main causes of allergic reactions are food, pollen, wool of various animals, chemicals.

Infants most often sufferfood allergy, while the acute reaction to certain foods can go with age. The best prevention and treatment at this stage is a strict diet of the nursing mother.

In older children, intolerance is observedmany products, manifested by redness, peeling of the skin, rashes, usually on the face, itching. Often there is a disorder of the stool, diarrhea, bloating.

The black list includes chocolate, eggs, citrus fruits, nuts, seafood and much more. Parents are interested in the question: what to do with allergies?

Folk remedies for the treatment of allergies

The first rule is to eliminate the allergen. Remove soft toys and carpets, if the baby reacts to dust, develop a diet with food intolerance. Proper nutrition will help cure allergies without medication.

When making the menu, you need to know exactly which product caused a negative reaction, and replace it with another equivalent in the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

It should be remembered: Children with allergies should receive more protein, as well as a sufficient amount of fats, especially vegetable. Carbohydrates should in no case exceed the age limit, the source of them should be vegetables and fruits.

Treatment of allergies in children by folk remedies

Together with proper nutrition, you canto use folk remedies. Deserved popularity is enjoyed by silver water, which you can rinse your baby after bathing. Do it in a day.

Broths of herbs will help to remove itchy skin and removepeeling. Most often, for this purpose, infusions of string, violets, oregano, nettle, leaves and bark of black currant are applied, as well as broths of valerian root, burdock, elecampane. Therapeutic baths have a huge positive effect. In the water you can add infusion of chamomile, decoction of the bark of oak, the grass of the string.

With itchy dermatoses can not do withoutstarch baths. Coniferous-valerian supplements will have a calming effect on the skin. A child older than one year is allowed to take 1/2 cup of strawberry or chamomile tea.

Ready teas in filter packs are easy to find in the pharmacy. The desire to help the child, an integrated approach to his nutrition, treatment, lifestyle - these are the best ways to treat allergies.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko

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