How to treat halyazion of the century with folk remedies in children and adultsHalyazion is an inflammatory eye disease. A tumor appears on the eyelid, which causes discomfort. Often, haljazion is confused with barley, since the first symptoms of both diseases are very similar.

However, if in the second case the problem with timedisappears itself, then in the first one everything is much more serious, since this is a chronic pathology that will not disappear on its own. Because it is important to know how to treat halyazion.

It is possible to get rid of inflammation with the help ofmedicines, and in very neglected cases of surgical intervention can not be avoided. If the tumor is fresh, then you can do with folk remedies - treatment in this case will be reduced to a minimum.

The most effective folk remedies for treating halazion

Aloe juice will help to reduce inflammation. Treatment of haljazion in this case is very simple - they need to lubricate the place where you feel pain. As a therapeutic agent may be the infusion of calendula. It is prepared simply - 10 gr. dry flowers you need to pour a glass of hot boiled water and insist for half an hour.

After the infusion filter through gauze. Treatment haljazione calendula involves putting gadgets to a painful place. Also, a fresh tumor is useful for warming up. To do this, you need to heat salt, pour it into a small bag and apply to the eye, warm it every day before going to bed. Such treatment with folk remedy will cause a breakthrough of pus, and in more likely the disease will recede.

An alternative to salt is sand orwarmed croup. Or you can take a chicken egg - boil it, peel it off and while it is still warm apply to the diseased eye. Folk remedies include washing the sick eye.

You can use tar soap - if youable to endure his tingling. Or you can resort to herbal medicine. Help can althaea medicinal - 6 g. root of the althea (in the form of a powder) pour a glass of boiled water and insist for 8 hours. The received infusion is treated by washing the eyes.

How to treat halyazion of the century with folk remedies in children and adults

You can use compresses. For example, on the basis of dill - 1 tbsp. chopped grass, pour 1.5 cups of boiling water. When the composition is infused and cooled - dipping a clean cloth into it, you need to apply it to a sore spot.

Another option is how to treat the upper or lower eyelid cholazion with a compress - rinse the affected eye, then attach a napkin with fresh cottage cheese to it.

How to cure haljazion folk remedies in children

Alas, this inflammatory disease of the eyelidsoften suffer and children. Sometimes one eyelid is affected, sometimes both at once. In this case, redness and swelling are noticeable in the affected area. In general, treatment of haljazione in children at home is fraught with complications, and it is better if at the first symptoms you take the child to the doctor as soon as possible.

If, however, there is no such possibility, then it is possibleresort to safe methods - warm compresses or instillations. Apply a towel warmed to 38-40 ° C to the closed diseased eyelid and leave it for 10-15 minutes, periodically moistening it in warm water. To fix the effect of warming, you need to massage the eyelid lightly in a circular motion.

This procedure can be performed several times inday (not more than 4) within a week. How to help cure haljazion in children with the help of instillation? In this case, aloe juice is effective. In a sick eye, it is digested 5 times a day for 4 drops, after which carefully swelling the swelling. Soon pus will start to go out, and the disease will recede.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko

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