How to wean a child from a dummyFor small children, pacifiers are something native,to what has long been used. Moms perceive a pacifier as a simple means for calming a baby when he cries. But in fact with a pacifier the kid can not go all life, therefore parents start to wonder, how to wean a child from a dummy. The country of the Soviets will tell you how and when to do it.

Otutchat child from a dummy, as well as from a bottle,very hard. Your baby is already used to the pacifier, which forms a small world of the child. But sooner or later you have to start weaning the baby from the habit of sucking a pacifier before going to bed, during games, etc. And if this is done incorrectly, then a child can be traumatized.

First, let's figure it out, why pacifiers for children are so important. In the first months of the baby's life a very large roleplays a sucking reflex. If it was not, the baby would not be able to eat. In addition, during feeding the child always calms down. As a result, the following picture is formed: breast sucking for the baby means comfort, comfort, saturation and satisfaction of its sucking reflex, which is very important for the proper development of the muscles of the oral cavity. If, before eating, your child sucks a pacifier, then he wants to eat. If, after feeding, the baby again asks for a pacifier, then his sucking reflex is not satisfied. In this case, dissatisfaction with the sucking reflex is much more often observed in infants who are on artificial feeding. In addition, these children are much more likely to start sucking a finger if they take away the pacifier. But to wean a baby to suck a finger is much more difficult than a pacifier.

It is very important to know when to wean from a pacifier. Doctors recommend starting to wean the baby from the nipple at the age of 6-9 months. If at this time the baby did not succeedsay goodbye to your habit of sucking a pacifier, then the next attempt should be moved to a more senior age - 1,5-2 years, when the child can be agreed.

So, how to wean a child from a nipple at the age of 6-9 months? At this age you will need gradually accustom the child to abandon the pacifier. Every time a child begins to cry, do notlet him suck the nipple. Try to reassure him by other methods: hug him, talk, rock, sing the song. When the baby feels comfortable and protected, he will calm down. During active games the baby also does not need a nipple, as he will be busy studying the world around him. And try to put the child to sleep without a pacifier. If you see that the baby does not ask for a pacifier, then you do not need to give it. Very often, children fall asleep without a nipple, but if the child still can not fall asleep without a favorite pacifier, then it will have to make concessions.

Remember that during weaning the baby from the nipple do not need her to catch the eye of the baby. Try to "lose" the dummy as it wereapartment. Look at how the child behaves. If he urgently demands to return a pacifier, then it must be urgently "found". If, for a baby, the loss of his pacifier was practically indifferent, then your baby will part with a pacifier very quickly and almost painlessly.

But not all children can be weaned from a dummy inthis age. Some children have to wait until the age of 1.5-2 years. At this age, the child does everything consciously, so you can negotiate with him. But in this case it is necessary to wean the child from the nipple abruptly. You can tell the child a fairy tale that his dummy was needed for another baby, and there was nowhere to take the pacifier. And only your baby's dummy could help a fairy-tale hero.

Can Prepare a child for parting with a pacifier, if you tell him that a week later will comemagician and give him a gift, but instead of the sorcerer will need a nipple. During this time, the child himself will get used to the idea that soon he will not have pacifiers, so he will easily part with it. Of course, you must make a gift to a kid. If your kid sees that you have deceived him, he will be very disappointed in you and stop trusting you.

During the weaning of the baby from the dummy, all family members must follow such rules:

  • Try to make sure that the dummy does not lie in a prominent place;

  • Do not scold the child for not quickly giving up the nipple;

  • do not begin to wean the child from the dummy at a time when new changes in his life will be introduced;

  • be persistent and consistent. If you decide to wean the baby from a dummy, then do not immediately give the baby a nipple when the child's first tears come;

  • constantly entrain the child with something new, so that he does not remember about the dummy.

And always remember that too long sucking dummy is harmful to the baby. Those children whose mouth is constantly busy with the nipple,lag behind in speech development and knowledge of the world, when everything should be tasted. Also, too long sucking dummies will privatize to the curvature of the bite of the baby.

Now you know how to wean a child from a dummy. Required observe the child's behavior and begin to wean him from the nipple only when he is ready for such changes in his life!

How to wean a child from a dummy
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