Keyboard Shortcuts

Computers are so firmly embedded in our lives,that it is already difficult to imagine work or rest without them. But often users experience great inconvenience when working on a laptop. All because they do not know the main hot keys that allow you to use the keyboard as well as the mouse.

Today we will review the basic rules of copying and editing text using the keyboard.

Copy rules on the keyboard

If you often have to work with documents in Word, knowing the combination of certain keys is simply vital for you to save time.

Here are the main buttons that will help youopen, copy fragments, insert and cut files and navigate through the document. All of them are based on combinations. After a few days of training, you will remember these combinations, and it will be quite easy for you to work with text without a mouse.


  1. The Home key allows you to move the cursor to the beginning of the line on which you are located.

  2. End key - moves the cursor to the end of the selected line.

  3. To move the cursor up, down and to the sides, use the arrows.

  4. To go to the end of the text or the whole document, press the key combination Ctrl + End, to go to the beginning - Ctrl + Home.

  5. The Page Up and Page Down buttons move the cursor one page forward or backward respectively.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Selection and copying

The combination of the Ctrl key with others:

  • Ctrl + N - opens a new document;

  • Ctrl + A - selects all the text;

  • Ctrl + C - copy the selected fragment;

  • Ctrl + V - allows you to paste the copied text fragment or image in the desired area;

  • Ctrl + E - center alignment;

  • Ctrl + R - right align, + L - left;

  • Ctrl + X - cuts out the selected fragment from the text.

Other useful keys for using a laptop without a mouse

There are other commands that allow you to perform almost all actions with documents or other files without resorting to the mouse:

  • The F4 folder repeats the last action performed

  • F4 starts automatic spelling check

  • Ctrl + F2 allows you to preview the document

  • Ctrl + F12 opens a closed document

  • Alt + Tab will help you to switch from one document to another or between open programs.

  • Ctrl + O - open the document

  • Ctrl + W - close the document

  • Ctrl + S - save the text file

  • Ctrl + B - all letters will be written in bold. After a second press, the action is canceled.

  • Ctrl + I - enable and disable italics

  • Ctrl + U - all words are highlighted by a solid line without a gap between words. To disable this action, you must re-press a combination of these keys

  • Ctrl + Shift + W - allows you to emphasize words with one line with breaks between words

  • Ctrl + Shift + D - underscores the text with a double line without breaks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Of course, immediately remember all the keyboard shortcutsto work with text without a mouse is impossible. Therefore, it is better to print the most necessary on a separate sheet and keep it in front of your eyes all the time. But, as practice shows, after a few practical applications of the basic key combinations, the user gets used to using them and copying, selection or other work with text takes place only with the help of a keyboard. However, other buttons will help you save time and effort while working with documents and other files.

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