How to download a video from YouTube?
Download YouTube videos - the most famous hosting of video materials - there are several ways. The most common ways to download an online video will tell the Country of Soviets.

Download videos from YouTube or another site easily with the help of special online services. All you need is to insert a link to the page withvideo in a special field of service. After that, the service initiates downloading the selected video to the local computer and it remains only to select the folder in which to save the file.

The popular way to download a video from YouTube is to use special designs. So, it should be add "ss" to the address of the video on YouTube (in the beginning), so that on the special service a link for download is generated. It supports downloading videos not only from YouTube, but also from other videohostingov.

For some browsers, there are special plug-ins that allow you to download videos from YouTube. For the Mozilla Firefox browser, this is the DownloadHelper plugin, for the Opera browser, the VKVideograbber plugin.

Also You can download videos from YouTube using some desktop applications, specially created for these purposes. For example, the well-known download manager DownloadMaster supports downloading files from video hosting sites.

The next method, which allows you to download videos from YouTube, is a bit more complicated than the ones described above. When viewing various sites information from themis downloaded to the user's local computer in a so-called cache, so that on subsequent accesses to the site, the download of the required files will occur faster.

Images and, of course, video files alsoare saved on the local computer - usually in the temporary Internet files folder (Temporary Internet Files). Knowing the place of storage of temporary files in your browser, you can extract from there the video downloaded from the online video viewing from YouTube.

For example, When using Internet Explorer, you can use the following algorithm. In the menu of the "Tools" browser, go toitem "Internet Options". In the opened window there is a "Browsing history", where you should click the "Options" button. In the next window that opens, you need to find and click the "Show files" button, and then the folder for storing temporary Internet files will open. It remains only to find the necessary file and move it to any folder on the local computer.

The main advantage of the described method is that there is no need to install additional software or visit special resources.

Almost all of these ways support downloading videos not only from YouTube, but also from other popular resources, such as Rutube, Mail.Ru, VKontakte, etc.

If the saved video needs to be converted to a more convenient format, you can use special desktop applications - converters. In addition, many of the online video download services from YouTube also support the online conversion of downloadable files.

Choosing a method for uploading and converting videos fromYouTube and other sites, therefore, is very wide, and everyone will find a suitable way to save and enjoy YouTube videos quickly and conveniently.

How to download a video from YouTube?
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