How to avoid problems while redesigning a website?To always be on top of success, you need to stepin step with the times. After all, what was yesterday the latest innovation of progress, tomorrow may turn out to be dull antiquity. To avoid this, you need to regularly update something, adjust it. So, for example, that a business organization successfully exists in the market of goods or services and brings profit to its owners, it is necessary to constantly maintain it in a timely state: repair the premises, upgrade the equipment, improve the quality of service.

Everyone agrees with this. And for some reason, if the company has its own website, it is accepted that he does not need such events. But in fact, for web sites, too, need repairs, from small cosmetic and up to capital. Such a repair is called site redesign.

Usually specialists for carrying out the redesignThe site needs certain initial data. For example, the source code of the site. It is important for the customer to remember that a site can be considered a kind of program written in one or more web programming languages. And, as you know, to work with any program you need its source code. When absence of site source codes from the customer, redesign is difficult. In this case, you can create a site "from scratch" instead of a redesign.

A similar situation develops when absence or loss of access codes to the site. Usually this is the login and password for accessing the domain, hosting, the administrator's site panel, and the login and password for accessing the directories and ratings in which the site is registered. In addition, that the redesign of the site can not be carried out, if the access codes to the site are lost, this, in addition, threatens the loss of the domain. Be careful with site access codes!

A problem in the conduct may also be some subjective circumstances. For example, if the actual cost of conductingThe redesign of the site is greater than the one that the customer expected. Also, problems arise if the site is being redesigned for the sake of the redesign itself or just for fun. With this approach, the cost of redesigning the site is growing, and the profit from it is not. Therefore, the budget for the redesign of the site should be thought through very carefully, after discussing with the web studio the actions that will be performed in the redesign and their cost.

Excessive requirements can also be a source ofsite redesign. Underestimated are the requirements, the implementation of which is not technically feasible or economically inexpedient. For example, the guarantee for the first place in the search for high-frequency queries after the redesign of the site most web studios does not give, because it is impossible to predict the result with 100% accuracy. So advice - do not demand the impossible. If you redesign the external design of the site, and keep the content very meager and unsubstantiated, then you probably will not get the expected enchanting effect.

It is seldom possible to carry out an effective redesign of a site, if it was not planned in advance, if you do not take into account the statistics of visits and tastes of target visitors. After all, in this case, even after the redesign, the site remains unpopular and unprofitable.

To avoid problems with the site's redesign, planned or if necessary, you need to initiallyapproach this issue with all responsibility, carefully plan and think through all the actions. Only then will the site redesign really be effective!

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