How to download the entire site? Overview of programs for downloading sites

If you need to make a local copy of a site, for example, to save Internet traffic, then you can download the whole site in several ways.

The easiest way to download the entire site is tosave the required files manually. This method is available from any Internet browser, however it is so tedious and irrational that it is used extremely rarely.

For "advanced" users is intendedutility Wget - it allows you to download the entire site, using the interface of the operating system console. To use Wget, you must have the skills to work with the console.

And to download the entire site and withoutmake a lot of effort, just use special programs for downloading sites. Such programs are called offline browsers and allow you to save copies of sites on the hard drive of the local computer so that you can browse the sites without connecting to the Internet.

Programs for downloading sites:

  • Offline Explorer Pro

  • Teleport Pro

  • Webcopier

How to download the entire site? Overview of programs for downloading sites

Offline Explorer Pro isRussian-language offline browser, which allows you to download the entire site as a whole, as well as its individual parts (a file mask is available). Saved copies of files, scripts, images and photos after downloading are available for offline viewing. In addition, files downloaded from the program can be written to optical discs, exported in a convenient format.

Offline Explorer Pro allows you to download the siteall the protocols Web, HTTPS and FTP, save streaming video and audio on such protocols as RTSP, PNM, MMS and NSV. The downloaded web pages can be edited, you can organize full-text search on the uploaded sites. For convenience of use in the program there is a special Wizard for creating new projects, which will facilitate the start of work with Offline Explorer Pro.

How to download the entire site? Overview of programs for downloading sites

Teleport Pro is one of the most famous andclaimed offline browsers. Download the entire site with this program can be quickly and conveniently. The program interface is intuitive, the user has access to various settings for the mode and depth of download. For example, it is possible to download a complete copy of the site with the preservation of the directory structure, download individual files, etc.

Teleport Pro supports multi-threading,can be integrated into Internet browsers Internet Explorer, Opera. When downloading the site, it is possible to set the mask of files and thus download or not download only files of a certain type. It supports the ability to download the entire site on a schedule, the ability to limit bulk downloads to avoid bans on the site.

How to download the entire site? Overview of programs for downloading sites

Webcopier is a utility for downloading websitesRussian production. Thanks to the Russian-language interface, it's quite easy to master the utility. To start working with the program there is a special Wizard that step by step conducts the input of the address for downloading the site, setting up download options, etc. Webcopier allows you to configure the depth of download, adjust the number of simultaneously downloaded files (maximum 100), configure file filters.

A useful option in the Webcopier program ispossibility of further work with the site already loaded on the hard disk. The program allows you to update only new links and download only new files from the site without having to reload the entire site. On already loaded pages, links are changed automatically.

Thus, download the entire site - it's completelynot difficult. If necessary, instead of programs "daunloaders" and console utilities, you can use a special online service download sites. This service downloads the site files to the archive, with which you can continue to work in the future. The service is in beta testing. Available at:

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