How to clean the monitor?

Sooner or later we are faced with a problemdirty monitor. Dust, fingerprints of fat fingers, remains of food - which you just can not find on our screens. How do I care for a monitor? What and how to clean it? Let's try to find out.

For cleaning the monitor screen in no case should alcohol oralcohol-containing products - a special anti-reflective coating of the screen will be erased under their influence. Powder-like cleaners also do not fit (if it can ever come to someone's head), because they scratch the surface of the screen.

Most suitable for care of the screenmonitor are special napkins, gels, aerosols. Napkins should be soft, without pile, not to leave behind a trace, gels and aerosols - without alcohol. On sale there are already soaked with a cleaning compound napkins - they simply enough to wipe the surface. The gel is pre-applied to a dry napkin.

If such tools for the care of the monitor is not at hand, then you can use improvised tools. A container with warm clean water and a container with soapy water, a few soft lint-free napkins (rags) - and your monitor is clean again.

Before starting all procedures, the monitor must be de-energized! If this is a CRT monitor, then turn it off at least 2 hours before the cleaning begins.

First, the screen with light, careful movementswipe lightly (!) with a damp cloth, after - a napkin soaked in soapy water and wrung out. Then the screen is again wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is better to wipe possible stains before they dry.

If the monitor is just slightly dusty, then you do not need to wipe it with soapy water.

The best means of dealing with stains and dust on the monitor is prevention. Do not block any ventilation openings on the back of the monitor. Do not fill these openings with water (you never know what!) - this can lead to a breakdown in the monitor.

To protect the monitor from greasy spots, enoughjust do not poke it with your fingers, food and other fat. Wipe the monitor from dust regularly - at least 1 time per month. First, the accumulation of dust is harmful to health - because with dust we breathe in a lot of harmful substances and microorganisms. And, secondly, dust "collects" static electricity.

Separately it is necessary to mention on the prevention of contamination for a laptop monitor. Even if you do not poke the screen with your fingers, then allequal to the traces left by them on the keyboard, will get to the screen when you close the laptop cover. How to avoid this? You can put a thin soft cloth (without pile) under the screen - then the keys will not touch it.

How to clean the monitor?
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