Recovering data from hard disk
A hard disk, as you know, is designed forpermanent storage of information. And unfortunately, there are such situations when this information storage device breaks down. How can I save all the data that was recorded on the hard drive? Let's try to figure it out, is it possible to recover data from the hard disk.

A hard drive, also called a hard driveor hard, is a very sensitive device. If it is very simplistic to consider its device, we will see that the hard disk consists of several thin magnetic disks ("pancakes") that read magnetic heads and control microcircuits. Hard disk plates and heads are in the so-called hermetic zone, that is, hermetically packed and do not contact the external environment. Damage to one of these parts will result in damage to the entire hard drive.

Recover data after hardware damage is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Independent attempts to repair a breakdown in the hermetic zone or to extract data from a disk can only lead to irreversible loss of information, since such operations can only be carried out in a special "clean" room.

A malfunction in the control chip can be tried and repaired by yourself. In this case, the main thing is the ability to solder with the help of a thermo-air soldering station and the presence of a donor serviceable hard disk.

From the donor disk and the patient disk,board-controllers. ROM (Permanent Memory) of a defective disk with the help of a thermo-air soldering station is "removed" and "sits" on the controller board of a working hard disk. This step is necessary, since almost all modern hard disks have their own unique settings and parameters, which are just in ROM. After the ROM was successfully transferred from the damaged board to a working one, you can connect the work card to the hard disk. Data successfully saved.

In addition to hardware breakdowns and failures, the loss of data on the hard disk can also be caused by software failures, and just accidental deletion of data user. In such cases, you can try to restore the data with the help of special software tools - utilities for data recovery.

Selecting a utility for data recovery fromThe hard disk depends on the situation. Utilities for data recovery can be commercial and free. As a rule, the functionality of free utilities is slightly lower than that of paid analogs.

So, the data can be lost as a result of a failureservice area of ​​the hard disk, formatting the hard drive, destroying the logical structure of the hard drive, as a result of the computer virus. For each of these cases there is a program for recovery. For example, among the free utilities for recovering data from a hard disk, the following are known:

TestDisk - to restore lost partitions of the disk orRestoring boot records on disks caused by incorrect actions of programs, human or viruses (for example, deleting a partition table).

SoftPerfect File Recovery - to restore accidentally deleted files from the hard disk, as well as other media.

Pandora Recovery - to recover deleted files from hard drives formatted in the NTFS file system.

PC Inspector File Recovery - to recover accidentally deleted files, to recover data as a result of file system corruption or disk formatting, to restore the logical structure of the disk.

Important! The fewer hits to the hard disk will happenafter data loss, the higher the chances of recovering lost information completely. Therefore, it's best to write or install the utility not on the restored disk, but on another, a working disk or on a bootable floppy disk (it can work under DOS or Linux), and connect the recoverable disk to a computer with a working hard drive. You can also connect the second disk to the computer with the hard disk to be restored. The main thing is that the disk should be accessed from another disk!

Recovering data from hard disk
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