Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter - this term means a special procedure that optimizes the logical structure of hard disk partitions in order to ensure the storage of files in a continuous sequence.

The fact is that writing files to the hard disk in different operating systems, including Windows, is not always done sequentially. The recording of files is performed on clusters - logical units of data storage. If the file is so "big" that it does not fit on one cluster, then the record is made on several clusters.

In the event that the disk on which the file is being written,already filled with other files, free clusters, located sequentially, may not be. In this case, the file is written in parts into clusters, located as you like. This process is called fragmentation of files.

The most typical situation for file systems FAT - File Allocation Table - in which, due to a rather primitive algorithm, the degree of fragmentation is constantly growing.

What is the purpose of defragmenting the disk?

In principle, the fragmentation of the files would not be a problem, if it did not slow down the speed of the hard drive and the performance of the PC as a whole.

To read the required file, the hard diskpositions the reading magnetic heads over the desired cluster. If the clusters on which the file is recorded are "scattered", then each time it is necessary to position the readheads again, that significantly slows down the hard drive.

How do I do a disk defragmentation?

Disk defragmentation is performed by special programs-defragmenters - they literally "collect" files in pieces. However, there is one more, quite good, way to defragment the disk. It is done manually. On the hard disk it is enough to create a new logical drive (partition) and copy to it all the necessary files. First of all, you should copy large files, and then small files.

Programs for defragmenting the disk can be divided into paid, free and built-in OS. So, Windows, starting with NT 5, contains a built-in defragmenter utility for the NTFS file system.

To defragment a disk in a Windows system with this utility, you need to go toTools menu and select the "Disk Defragmentation" item (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Service Tools -> Disk Defragmenter). Running the program, you must select the desired partition of the disk and click the "Analysis" button. After the analysis, the program will show the degree of fragmentation of the files.

Disk defragmentation programs run very long - a few hours, moreover, at the time of workThe defragmenter does not want to include any other programs. Therefore, as a rule, users perform disk defragmentation at night, when the computer is not loaded with any other tasks.

Free Disk Defragmentation is performed with the help of such utilities as Auslogics Disk Defrag, Power Defragmenter, Defraggler. Among paid programs for defragmenting the disk Popular use Diskeeper, O & O Defrag Pro.

Almost all programs-defragmentersallow to work both in manual mode, independently determining the time and parameters for defragmenting the disk, and in automatic mode, when the program itself determines all the necessary parameters of its operation. Usually, at the end of the disk defragmentation program, the user is given a detailed report.

Disk Defragmenter
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