Insect bites

Summer vacation is often overshadowed by the struggle withinsects. Even if they are ordinary mosquitoes, vacation does not bring the pleasure that was in dreams. What to say about the bites of bedbugs, wasps, bees, spiders and other representatives of the kingdom of arthropods. Insect bites can appear on the human body not only in the wild (in the forest, on the river), but also simply in the apartment. This is the biggest problem, because it is necessary to differentiate the state in order to know who to fight with.

Determine which insect bites, according to the photo

Bites of representatives of entomofauna differfrom another level of their danger, symptoms and signs, the principles of first aid. How to determine who bitten in an apartment or on the street, according to a photo?


Those spiders that can occur in the homeconditions, as a rule, do not pose a danger to the child and adult. Their bite looks like a small patch of swelling with a dot in the center and reddening around (similar to a red lump or wound). The body of some people can respond with an individual hypersensitivity, which manifests an allergic reaction. This is a more serious condition, accompanied by swelling, significant hyperemia.

Insect bites

Poisonous spider is considered poisonous for a person (the second name is a black widow). In a quarter of an hour,

  • strong pain;

  • swelling;

  • difficulty breathing;

  • nausea and vomiting;

  • abdominal pain;

  • excessive sweating;

  • convulsions;

  • fever.

Important! The condition is considered dangerous and requires immediate medical attention. If it is absent, a fatal outcome may occur on the background of respiratory failure or damage to the heart muscle.


Bed bugs are the most commona variant of "home" tenants who leave their "signs" on the human body at night. Immediately after the bed bug bite no trace remains. The next morning on the skin there are red dots, accompanied by itching. The bite of these insects can be seen in the photo. Pain in the place of bug bite and swelling are absent or weakly expressed.

Insect bites

It became known that bed bugs can become carriers of the causative agents of Chagas disease. This disease is accompanied by:

  • fever;

  • increased lymph nodes;

  • pain and swelling at the bite bite site.

After biting the parasite, the symptoms of the disease can appear for several decades.


Insect bite is quite painful, becausethey do not produce an anesthetic like other types of parasites. Bites of a flea, as a rule, appear in the field of the bottom extremities. They are accompanied by a strong itch, which can not be appeased.

After a flea bite, small areasredness and swelling, which turn into extensive hemorrhages on the skin in case of scratching. Flea can be identified by jumping. "To catch up" this kind of insects is not so simple. The photo shows massive flea bites.

Insect bites


This type of insect is familiar to lovers of restOutdoors. Mites not only cause a lot of inconvenience, but they can also carry the causative agents of serious diseases. The parasite bites the person, remaining on a place of "crime". This facilitates differential diagnosis. Pain during tick bite is absent, as they secrete a special anesthetic.

You can find an insect on the skin in those areas,where there are soft tissues. It's about the groin area, the zone of the armpits, neck, stomach, area behind the ears. Around the body of the tick, which sticks out of the tissues of the human body, puffiness and red spots may appear.

Important! Get rid of an insect and get emergency care should be in the nearest medical and preventive institution.

Insect bites

Bees and wasps

Insect bites of these species are considered dangerous forchild and adult, especially in the condition of having a serious allergic reaction. Bites of wasps and bees can be accompanied by severe pain, swelling, itching, burning. On the skin there is a red spot, there may be a blister, a rash.

A dangerous condition for a patient is an allergic reaction of a local or general type. In the photo you can see the symptoms of an allergy to a bee sting. Signs of a bite of a wasp are similar.

Insect bites


This kind of parasite is placed on the skin where there isdense hair, or in the seams of clothes, clothes, beds. Symptoms of bites are similar to bug bites. The disease that can cause lice is called pediculosis. It occurs in the form of a group flash, often appears in children's groups.

The child begins to itch, complain of pain anddiscomfort in the scalp. On examination, you can see combs, inflammation, red small spots, located in groups. The nits can be seen on the hair. These are lice eggs that have a rounded shape and a white-yellow hue.

Insect bites


Mosquitoes can also be the cause of developmentdisease due to the ability to serve as a carrier of the pathogen. If there is no allergy to a bite of insects, a person may notice only minor redness in one or more areas of the skin of the body. Later, these mosquito bites cause severe itching.

Insect bites

Important! When combing, there is swelling, bruises, hemorrhages may appear.

In a child or an adult in some casesthere is an allergic reaction to mosquito bites. In this case, the itching becomes painful, swelling spreads to large areas of the body. Local symptoms may be accompanied by common signs of allergies (difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue, eyelids), seizures. Immediate assistance is needed.

Symptoms of an insect bite

Insect bite, as a rule, is accompanied by characteristic signs:

  • pain in the bite;

  • edema;

  • hyperemia;

  • itching;

  • tumor.

Pain is characteristic of the bites of those insects thatare considered dangerous for the human body. Their list includes wasps and bees (due to the high probability of developing an allergic reaction), some spiders. Itching can cause mosquitoes, lice, fleas and bedbugs. The skin begins to itch so badly that such a state prevents even a night rest.

Puffiness appears after bites of all insectsmore-less. Against the background of allergies, it manifests itself more pronounced, in the absence of hypersensitivity of the organism - weaker. Redness in the bite zone is the usual reaction of a person to a pathological process. It can appear in all cases, the difference is only in the severity of the symptom.

What to do after a bite of insects

Insect bites require first aid. As a rule, it concerns dangerous representatives of arthropods or the presence of allergies in the victim.

Insect bites

First aid for insect bites

Regardless of what kind of parasite bite, it is necessary to conduct the following activities (PMP):

  1. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish wounds and abrasions from insect bites, if possible, to determine which parasite is guilty.

  2. Spread the wound with a disinfectant. This will prevent the development of infection and suppuration.

  3. If there is a sting after the bite, it must be carefully extracted with tweezers.

  4. To remove swelling, should be applied to the body of the cold for a quarter of an hour.

  5. A site where there is hyperemia, pain, itching should be treated with an antihistamine (anti-allergic) drug - Fenistil gel.

  6. Antihistamine should be taken in tablets (Tavegil, Suprastin, Diazolin).

  7. Drink plenty of fluids.

  8. The appearance of allergy symptoms after bites of bees, wasps, fleas, spiders and other insects requires an immediate call of a team of doctors.

Important! If bites regularly occur at home, then it is necessary to find and destroy the nest of insects. This is done by independent forces or with the help of the service of pest control.

Individual recommendations, depending on the species of arthropod:

  • Bites from the stings of bees should be anointed with peroxide, alcohol or potassium permanganate solution.

  • When you bite a flea it is important to get rid of a strong itch,otherwise you can comb the body to the blood - to remove the symptom, you need to smear the wounds of the child and the adult with a soap solution or disinfectant, then apply hormonal ointment with hydrocortisone or a drug with antihistamine effect (Psilo-balm).

  • Eliminate the inflammation and dry the pathological site will help sulfuric ointment, also anti-inflammatory process is good ointment Advantan.

  • The appearance of symptoms of intoxication when biting insects requires the intake of enterosorbents (Smekta, Enterosgel).

  • The body after bug bites should be treated with a solution based on soap or soda, tincture of propolis (helps to remove the itch).

  • Mosquito bites require treatment of the skin with a solution of ammonia in a diluted form.

On a note! Additional ways to eliminate severe itching after a bite of arthropods (flea, bug, lice) are potato gruel, onion juice, lotion based on soda solution, rubbing the bite zone with toothpaste.

Treatment after an insect bite

After being at home to the victimprovided the necessary assistance, the patient should preferably be consulted to the doctor. Bites of insects can be fraught with dangerous consequences and diseases, so if you have any suspicion of deterioration, you should contact the health facility.

To treat the pathology, doctors will appointhormonal agents (creams and ointments). These drugs will not only take away the inflammatory process, but also pain, itching, burning, swelling and other signs of an allergic reaction.

Important! If the patient is severely itching, it is necessary to treat the bite zone with Levomechol. The drug has an antibiotic that will prevent the infection from entering the body through scratching sites.

Insect bites

It is also necessary to use antihistamines:

  • local action - Fenistil, Elokom, Advantan;

  • tablets - Tavegil, Loratadin, Suprastin.

For reference! Homeopathic remedies are not effective for insect bites.

What to do if the insect bite is swollen and flushed

Most victims are interested in the fact thatDo, if after an insect bite, redness and swelling appeared. Usually, an inflammatory reaction and an allergic reaction are manifested. If the brightness of the signs is progressing, it is necessary to get qualified help.

Insect bites

Strong puffiness and hyperemia after a bite require the appointment:

  • preparations for the control of allergic reaction - antihistamine tablets, ointments and creams;

  • hormonal means;

  • ointments based on antibacterial components.

Remedies for insect bites

At the moment people prefer to use not only traditional therapy, but also recipes of traditional medicine.

Insect bites

Folk remedies

One of the popular means is a solution based onbaking soda. For the preparation use the following proportions: for 1 tsp. the substance needs a glass of liquid. In the resulting solution, a bandage is wetted and applied to the affected area (allowed even under conditions where the insect remains unknown).

Insect bites

Leaves of plantain

This recipe is used for outdoor recreation. If a person saw that he was bitten by some insect, you can break and attach a sheet of plant to the wound. Before use, the sheet should be washed and slightly wrinkled.

Infusion of succession

A popular analogue of the remedies against an allergic reaction. Infusion of the medicinal plant should be taken internally to eliminate itching, swelling.

Pharmacy products

After bites, several groups of drugs are used. The choice depends:

  • from the patient's age;

  • causes of the condition;

  • composition of the medicine;

  • purpose of use;

  • forms of release.

Insect bites

Ointment from insect bites

Nezulin - cream-ointment, effectively used forserious allergic reactions after bites. It contains vegetable components, essential oils and d-panthenol. The action of the medicine is manifested not only in the form of eliminating the symptoms of pathology, but also in soothing the skin (cooling effect), accelerating regeneration.

Elidel - eliminates manifestations of hypersensitivity reaction, has no hormonal components in the composition. Apply a course on the swollen bite site.

Fenistil is an antihistamine that effectively eliminates dangerous allergy symptoms. The doctor appoints him as for the purpose of providing first aid, and for the treatment of a pathological condition.

Hormonal ointments

Representatives of the group - a more serious "artillery", when compared with previous medicines.

  1. Hydrocortisone - produces a double effect: removes puffiness, burning and other symptoms of the pathology that pass quickly enough, and also prevents the appearance of anaphylactic shock (a dangerous condition that causes cardiac and respiratory failure and causes death).

  2. Advantan - comes in the form of an ointment, emulsion and gel. Do not treat large areas of the body.

Important! Hormonal agents have a lot of contraindications, so it is better to consult a doctor about the possibility of their use.

Insect bites in children

Children react to bites in different ways, which alsodepends on the individual reaction of the organism. The wound can swell, there is swelling, hyperemia. If nothing else bothers, help your baby at home.

Insect bites

Important! A dangerous state is considered if the spider bites, and, in nature. In such cases it is better to keep an ampoule with a hormonal preparation for injections ready.

A child may not notice how he was bittenan insect, but already for a quarter of an hour there are rashes, tongue, eyelids and tongue can swell, it becomes difficult to breathe. All the symptoms speak of the appearance of allergies. The reason - the entry of toxic substances into the baby's blood and the presence of individual hypersensitivity.

Doctors stress that it is considered dangerous to carryon the nature of the child, who has relatives suffering from allergies, without stocks of antihistamine and hormonal drugs for emergency care.

Allergy to insect bites

Appears hypertrophic symptomslocal or general nature. Locally there may be a strong puffiness, the area of ​​the body where there is a wound, looks swollen, red, enlarged in size. The overall clinical picture is accompanied by:

  • headache;

  • dizziness;

  • swelling of the throat and tongue;

  • severe itching of the skin;

  • convulsions;

  • shortness of breath;

  • myocardial insufficiency.

Insect bites

Scheme of therapy:

  • locally hormonal creams, ointments;

  • injection of glucocorticosteroids;

  • antihistamines in tablets;

  • Infusion therapy (intravenous drip of physiological solution, Ringer, etc.)

Important! Anaphylactic shock is the most terrible condition for a person who is addicted to allergies. Help is rendered immediately, the treatment is continued in the hospital.

Prevention: anti-insect bites

Observance of precautionary measures can reduce the risk of a problem several times.

Insect bites

Repellents from insect bites

For the prevention use repellents. These are chemicals designed to repel arthropods. A long protection is provided by:


  • OFF Extreme;

  • Mosquitol Super asset protection;

  • DETA Vokko;

  • UltraThon and others.

Produced in the form of oils, sprays, creams, aerosols. Regular use will discourage the desire to bite the majority of representatives of entomofauna.

Other measures

Also to preventive measures include:

  • choice of clothes with long sleeves and trousers;

  • avoidance of outdoor recreation in the evening, when arthropods are most active;

  • the use of mosquito nets on windows and doors;

  • avoiding the choice of bright and colorful clothes for relaxation;

  • Inspection of pets for the presence of "living creatures";

  • vaccination when traveling abroad.

Such prevention measures are suitable for children and adults, and also minimize the risk of problems.


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