How much can you eat nuts to not get better?

Nuts are nutritious and useful, almost in anya variety contains a large number of vitamins and nutrients. But for many, nuts are a kind of snack or "snack", especially often used, for example, while watching a movie. Then harmless nuts become a real fast food.

You just can not control how muchalready ate (especially if the whole pack is before you); and in fact more than 100 g, for example, pine nuts on caloric content are equal practically to a dinner even for the person who at all does not think to grow thin.

Although overeating by any product is harmful to theself, with obvious overeating nuts (most often it is cedar, in which there are especially many fats), some feel gastric ailments; this is usually associated with weak liver function and in completely healthy people is very rare.

Caloric content of nuts

The most nutritious nut is hazelnut (about 700 Kcal per100 g), and the Brazilian and walnut not far from it - 660 and 640 kcal, respectively. If you are very sensitive to calories, weigh one nut, and from its mass find out how many nuts can be eaten. For example, the average weight of one nucleolus of walnut is 6 g, and, therefore, 7 nuts per day will already be enough for a dense snack.

Nuts do not have to be on their own. Firstly, it is psychologically unprofitable - yes, they are very satisfying, but 7 small pieces are perceived visually by the body as an obviously insufficient quantity, which leads to a desire for further eating them. Secondly, their taste is pleasant, but you can still improve it. Add the nuts to another dish, preferably the most low-calorie, for example, a salad of green leaves and slices of tomatoes.

Nuts, in addition to the content of vitamins, haveand another plus for those who want to support the figure; and rather a minus for those who use them as a "quick" and only snack in the middle of a busy day - they cause a strong thirst. Try not to drink nuts with cold water - this will not help thirst, but digestion and assimilation of useful substances will prevent.

Can you eat nuts when you lose weight?

In other words, nuts of any kind are not less thanuseful than any other natural product. If your diet is low-calorie, then during it from the nuts can not give up. The main thing is to calculate how many grams per day, according to the diet grid, you can eat. If it is based on carbohydrates or is generally associated with more complex calculations, refer to the detailed description of the contents of various nutrients in the nuts: they are on each pack.

Here, for example, such information for cashews (for 100 g.): proteins: 25, fats: 50, carbohydrates: 12. As a protein replacement for meat, nuts are not very good, it is better to supplement them with special products. If the nuts are not the only thing you eat for the day, refrain from buying various sweets with nuts. For example, nuts in chocolate or sugar will well support the strength, but as a regular snack (and even not one, or, especially, used as a dessert) will greatly harm the figure.

There is an opinion that walnutincreases the production of the "satiety hormone", but this is not proven. Saturation is more likely not because of the magical effect, but due to the high nutritional value of the walnut. If you do not follow a diet, but just want to find out about whether nuts lead to obesity - no, they do not, if there is not a pack behind the pack. However, and Brazilian, and Greek, and even more cedar nuts are very satisfying. Simply stop in time, as well as with eating any "snack", and do not eat them every day, if you eat tightly and regularly.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko

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