Nausea in the morning
Nausea in the morning: causes
Nausea in the morning is not only a sign of pregnancy, as weused to think. In fact, nausea in the morning is more common than it may seem. Its causes can be very different, and not necessarily related to the digestive system.</ p>

How many people do nausea in the morning prevent you from having a normal breakfast or even brushing your teeth? Sometimes we get used to it and try to notice it, but it's wrong. Nausea in the morning can be a sign of many diseases, which need to be identified and cured in time.

Why does he thin in the morning?

The most famous cause of nausea in the morning is certainly toxemia in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is a kind of protective mechanism thatserves to protect the mother and, accordingly, the fruit from the use of potentially dangerous products. This is not a pathology, but one of the signs of the normal course of pregnancy. If nausea in the morning during pregnancy brings discomfort, you need to eat small amounts of food that does not cause rejection, drink as much liquid as possible (mineral water without gas, herbal teas, ginger tea). Hospitalization is required only with a strong deterioration of well-being and a dangerous weight loss.

But most people who feel nauseousmornings are not at all pregnant women. For them, nausea in the morning is not the norm, but a sign of problems with the body. And morning sickness may indicate violations of not only digestive, but also cardiovascular system. If you feel nauseous in the morning, be sure to consult a therapist who will give you all the necessary tests and give directions to a specialist.

One of the possible causes of nausea in the morning is helminths (worms). To diagnose helminthiosis it is necessary to pass tests. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe treatment, and nausea in the mornings will pass after full recovery.

In the morning, I feel sick

Nausea in the morning can be a consequence problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Nausea in the morning can accompany gastritis,ulcer disease, gallbladder disease. More acute diseases, such as pancreatitis, appendicitis, intestinal infections and poisonings, we exclude in this case, as they, in addition to nausea, are accompanied by vomiting, fever and pain - and this is more weighty reasons for concern than nausea in the morning.

When peptic ulcer and gastritis nausea may worsen after eating. Nausea in the morning can be accompanied by heaviness in the abdomen, heartburn, burning in the upper abdomen. When diseases of the gallbladder nausea appears during eating and canaccompanied by heartburn, increased formation of gases and metallic taste in the mouth. For an accurate diagnosis, a blood test (general and biochemical), gastroscopy, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs is done. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment is prescribed, most often antibiotics. Most likely, you will have to follow a diet and give up some foods. By the way, nausea in the morning can be a sign problems with the liver or kidneys.

Nausea in the morning can be caused vegetative-vascular dystonia (VSD). This is a fairly common disease. Confirm the diagnosis will help you ECHO of the heart. More details about the treatment of VSD, we wrote in the article "Vegeto-vascular dystonia: symptoms and treatment." The advice described there will help you in the event that regular nausea in the morning is caused by the VSD. Nausea in the mornings can also occur with hypertension, accompanied by increased fatigue, dizziness, headaches.

Nausea in the morning can be associated with problems with the vestibular apparatus. In this case, it arises suddenly with a sharpchange the position of the body. It's enough to stand up quickly from your bed or even roll over on your other side to make you sick. Nausea in the morning can be accompanied by dizziness, loss of balance, tinnitus or nystagmus (involuntary eye movements that do not allow the focus to focus). For diagnosis and treatment of problems with the vestibular apparatus should consult with an otolaryngologist and neurologist.

The causes of nausea in the morning may be disorders of the endocrine system, for example, hypothyroidism - a lack of hormones of the thyroid gland. In addition to nausea, it is accompanied by fatigue, drowsiness, memory problems, weight gain with decreased appetite, increased chilliness. Identify hypothyroidism will help blood test for hormones, and treatment will appoint an immunologist.

Nausea in the morning
Why in the morning I feel sick

Also nausea in the morning can be caused Migraine, concussion or side effects of medications. Nausea in the morning most often cause antibiotics,iron preparations, anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal). Remove nausea, change the dosage or cancel the drug after consulting a doctor. With a concussion, even the most minor, you need to call an ambulance. A migraine attack can be removed with the help of silence, darkness and peace.

Nausea and dizziness in the morning is not a harmless symptom, which can indicate serious violations. I would like to emphasize that determine the causes of nausea in the morning, make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment and medications can only the doctor - therapist or specialist! In no case should one do self-medication of nausea in the morning or let things go on their own.

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