Autumn depressionIn the autumn, the mood andfeeling, reduced efficiency. Constantly I want to sleep, and instead of work, school or home affairs, I want to stay at home, wrapped in a blanket, and do nothing. Autumn depression is familiar to many of us, and we need to be able to fight it so that your condition does not depend on the time of the year.

What are the causes of the autumn depression? First of all, this decrease in daylight hours. Our body receives less energy, hence drowsiness, apathy and unwillingness to work. Immunity decreases, and chronic pain and illness worsen. Of course, it is not possible to completely eliminate the causes of the autumn depression, it is not in our power to make the Sun shine longer, but you can try to adjust your way of life so that the autumn depression recedes.

First of all, you need to make the most of the light day. If you work in an office on schedule, trythe most important and responsible things to do in the morning and in the afternoon, while it's still light outside. As soon as the window gets dark, it will be harder for you to concentrate, you will start making mistakes, and the result will be worse. If you have a flexible schedule, or you are a freelancer, try not to sleep late and also do all the work in the morning. If you sleep too long, then after awakening feel broken, long can not get to work, and then it gets dark, and it will be hard to work.

Be sure to sleep well. If you really want to sleep in the evening, and nono urgent business - go to bed early, your body will thank you. The most useful and productive sleep - until 12 o'clock in the morning, so try not to get a night owl. If suddenly you can not fall asleep, a warm bath or a glass of warm milk with honey will help.

If you still have a hard time cheering up during the autumn depression, try using natural stimulants. It can be herbal teas, Chinese magnolia vine,barley broth, tincture of Eleutherococcus. Usually strong tea and coffee should be consumed in moderation, and if you are allergic or have problems with kidneys, stomach or liver, then tea or coffee should be discarded or greatly reduced. Increases the mood of bitter chocolate, and in order to warm up and raise immunity, you can drink tea with ginger.

Autumn depression will not take you by surprise if you eat right. In summer, many people sit on diets to beslimmer, but in the fall the body needs more energy, which he spends on "heating." Therefore, extra calories will not affect your figure, but immediately go into action. You can eat heavier and greasy foods than in the summer, but do not overdo it, do not overload the stomach and pancreas.

Also in the autumn the body needs vitamins very much. The necessary daily dose of vitamins is contained in400 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamins in this period are poorly digested, so vitamin-rich foods should be present in the body all the time. Do not neglect and multivitamin complexes. The vitamins A and C are especially needed for the body. Note that fat is needed to convert beta-carotene, which is contained in many vegetables and fruits, to vitamin A. Therefore, vegetable salads are best seasoned with vegetable oil.

The key to getting rid of the autumn depression is movement and fresh air. Try to be outdoors soas much as possible. If it's cold outside - dress warmly, but do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to get some fresh air. Do morning exercises or sign up for a fitness club - and even better combine both. If possible, walk.

Autumn depression often lies in wait for people,who do not know how to rejoice and to make themselves pleasant. Think - what brings you happiness? You can make a list of pleasant things and classes and perform a couple of items from this list. Read interesting books, listen to your favorite music, if possible, visit museums, exhibitions, theaters and cinema. If possible, put on bright clothes, and surround yourself at home and at work with things that are pleasant to the heart and souvenirs.

Do not forget to allocate time for communication with pleasant people. Often on weekends we tell ourselves that we do not haveforces to meet with friends. But believe me, gathering in a cafe with hot coffee or mulled wine, going on a new comedy or just walking in an autumn park will speed up the mood much more quickly and give a charge of cheerfulness than the weekend spent alone in four walls.

To relax and forget about the autumn depression, you can pamper yourself with cosmetic procedures. Manicure, pedicure, mask for hair and face,aromatic bath with foam will not only lift the mood and self-esteem, but also make you more beautiful. If you have such an opportunity - take a weekend for spa treatments at home.

Autumn depression as a fire is afraid of change. So do not be afraid to change anything in your life. Changes need not necessarily be cardinal. Update the wardrobe, do a rearrangement in the room or general cleaning, sign up for some courses, find a hobby. And remember: a good mood comes to those who want it. Enjoy life - and then autumn depression you do not care!

Autumn depression

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