How not to overeat on holidays?
The New Year's Eve is approaching. As always, at the festive table, everything is so delicious and appetizing ... And how not to try the hostess's signature dish, she tried so hard? As a result, getting up from the table, we suffer a huge weight in the stomach and suffer from our incontinence. And we swear to ourselves that next time we will eat less ...

But overeating is dangerous not only superfluouscentimeters in the waist and heaviness in the abdomen. Overeating, we overload our digestive system, for which she will not thank us. Overeating can lead to various diseases of the digestive tract.

There are several simple ways to help yourself stay away from eating.

So, if you are going to a party for a festive meal, then in no case you can not go hungry all day, "Making room in the stomach." Remember that on an empty stomach we eat many times more than necessary!

But at the same time Do not overeat before beginning a festive dinner or dinner. Most likely, you still want to try the dishes offered and still overload the stomach. Therefore, on the day of the holiday, eat light, not overloading the stomach food, for example, a light soup or vegetable salad (without mayonnaise).

During the festive meal, you should to abstain from abundant libations and spicy seasonings - they stimulate appetite.

You can also help your digestive system prepare for the upcoming test. For this brew tea from the flowers of chamomile. Chamomile soothes gastric mucosa and normalizes the production of gastric juice.

To drink food at a festive table is better mineral still water, since its alkaline environment regulates the acidity of the stomach and helps to avoid heartburn. You can not abuse highly carbonated drinks. First, they contain a bunch of artificial additives, and secondly the bubbles of carbon dioxide cause bloating and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

You can try not to eat all the dishes offered for the holiday, but select only a few of the most desired, for example, three or four. However, practice shows that it is really difficult to keep from trying all the dishes, especially for people with weak willpower. Then you can simply reduce serving size dishes. For example, instead of a whole slide of one salad, put in your plate, a few small spoons of different dishes that you want to try.

Do not eat quickly. At the festive table you can afford not to hurry up and, slowly, eat each dish. The signal of saturation comes to our brain with a delay of 15-20 minutes.

Remember, at all solemn feasts, for example, at weddings, there is a break between changing dishes. During these breaks you can dance, breathe air on the balcony, walk. Do not neglect this opportunity, even if you are at a home celebration. Movement allows you to start the mechanism of burning calories.

Usually at the end of the festive feast dessert is served. If you are going to eat dessert, do not lean on the main menu. Desserts are usually very hearty, so try not to eat large portions of dessert.

You are clever and thanks to your strength of will you are sure that you will not overeat. Congratulations! But nevertheless, for every fireman, take with you a couple of tablets fermented preparations, for example, "Festal". Even if they are not useful to you, you can help other guests!

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