How not to eat up at night?
Any nutritionist will say that to eat up at nightis harmful. Yes, you yourself know this very well ... But, this is the hundredth time giving a promise not to eat before going to bed, you can not refrain from a late snack and then reproach yourself for a weak willpower.

Why is it harmful to eat just before sleep? Food taken less than 3 hours before bedtime, nothas time to fully digest. And during sleep, all processes in the body, including digestive ones, slow down. So all that you ate before going to bed, not digested until the morning. This is fraught with serious digestive system disorders. In addition, late snacking will necessarily affect the figure, because at night the body does not burn, but accumulates fats.

Why do people eat before going to bed? There can be several reasons. For some, a late, dense dinner is a tribute to a habit, others late at night seize their pizza or sandwiches with their problems, and some eat poorly during the day and by evening the feeling of hunger makes them unbearably suffer. Therefore, in order not to eat before going to bed, it is necessary to fight, first of all, the causes of late snacking. Regularly and properly eat during the day, find a more useful way to deal with stress and gradually accustom yourself not to overeat at dinner.

Refuse to take heavy meals at a later time can be through the following several ways:

  1. Instead of a sandwich or crackers, drink a cup of green tea or a glass of mineral water with a slice of lemon. The liquid will fill the stomach and "deceive" the feeling of hunger.

  2. If you make a walk to the refrigerator late at night boredom forces you, then you need to overcome this boredom. Choose a lesson for yourself: knitting, reading, etc.

  3. Watching TV can entertain and ridboredom. However, it is for some movie that most people like to bite popcorn, eat chips or crackers. Try to replace these snacks with a cup of tea, a small handful of dried fruits.

  4. To dull the feeling of hunger, take a hotbath. Pleasant relaxation is just what you need. Weakening the feeling of hunger can also be done by doing an easy exercise. A few physical exercises will not only reduce your appetite, but also burn a couple of calories, which, you will agree, is very, very useful. However, do not overdo it. An excessively active load will prevent you from falling asleep.

  5. If you are out of fear of gaining extra poundsrefuse yourself a dessert at dinner, then you provoke yourself to satisfy this desire later, before going to bed. To prevent this from happening, eat dessert at dinner, but very light. Low-fat yogurt, fruit, a bit of bitter chocolate. Pleasant emotions and good mood will help you in the struggle with the night appetite.

  6. Spices and spices kindle appetite, and this effect continues after you have eaten. Do not put spices and spices in the dishes during the last meal, otherwise the feeling of hunger will remain.

  7. Do not leave high-calorie foods in sight. After all, when there are delicious cutlets or baked chicken legs in front of your nose, it is even harder to keep from eating. Let in the refrigerator at the most accessible place lie fruit or yogurt. Then even if you "break" at the snack, its consequences will not be so terrible.

  8. Walking is an excellent way to escape fromhunger and prepare the body for sleep. However, you should be careful - fresh air stimulates the appetite. Therefore, choose a time for an evening walk so that after it you can immediately go to bed.

  9. A great way to overcome the temptation of a night snack is to simply brush your teeth. Should work a conditioned reflex: after cleaning teeth can not eat.

  10. If your goal is to get rid of fats at the waist andachieve a slim figure, then when you want to have a snack at night, look through the glossy magazine with photos of models. Such an incentive will help you to hold back!

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