Watermelon diet"Sam - scarlet sugar, suit - greenvelvet "... Probably everyone remembers this riddle from the childhood about the watermelon. He is the hero of one of the most effective diets for today. In the pulp of watermelon contains carbohydrates (fructose), which are easily absorbed by the body, digestible carbohydrates (fiber), proteins, vitamins C, B1, B3, PP, folic acid (enough to eat 150 grams of watermelon to satisfy the daily requirement for it) salts of magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, nickel, potassium, phosphorus, alkaline substances and almost 90% of water.

Watermelon is low in calories, 100 gits flesh contains about 30 calories. Because of this, the watermelon is recommended for inclusion in the diet of those who are inclined to fatness. Fiber, which is contained in watermelon, helps the proper functioning of the intestines, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol. Watermelon has a diuretic property, removes poisons, slags, small stones and sand from the body.

Watermelon diet is usually well tolerated,helps reduce fat deposits, cleanse the body, reduce the burden of the kidneys, normalize metabolism, accelerate the movement of fluid in the body. Watermelon diet is useful in hypertension, infectious-allergic kidney disease, gout, liver and bile duct disease. Contraindicated watermelon diet with kidney stones, diabetes, severe pancreatic diseases, congenital anomalies of the genitourinary system, prostate adenoma, pyelonephritis.

Lose weight and at the same time improve the body in a relatively short time. The diet is designed for 5 days, during this period you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight.

Watermelon diet is that for fivedays you need to eat only a watermelon at the rate of 1 kg of pulp per 10 kg of body weight per day, dividing into 5-6 receptions (if your weight is 80 kilograms, then you can eat 8 kg of watermelon per day). All other products are prohibited. At the same time there are no restrictions on the time of food intake - watermelon can be eaten at any time. For 5 days it is better to drink only ordinary still water or green tea. You can not drink alcohol. Carefully watch your condition on the first day of the diet. If there is no gravity in the abdomen, no flatulence, no other unpleasant sensations, you can sit on a watermelon diet for several days. The second option menu watermelon diet involves adding to each meal to two pieces of rye bread. In this case, the duration of a watermelon diet can be increased to 8-10 days. As in the first case, the rest of the products are prohibited. There is also a light version of a watermelon diet: one day you need to eat 1-2 kg of watermelon three times an hour before eating.

More than 10 days to comply with watermelon diet, even inthe second version of the menu is not worth it. The right way out of the diet is a prerequisite to ensure that excess weight does not return again. After the end of the diet, you need to go to special meals for the next 10 days. Breakfast: unsweetened oatmeal and some cheese. Lunch: a piece of fish, meat or poultry and vegetable salad without fatty filling. Dinner (no later than 4 hours before bedtime): watermelon at the rate of 1 kg of pulp at 30 kg of your weight. The main danger of a watermelon diet is that the pulp of watermelon has a diuretic effect. In this case, together with the liquid, sodium and potassium salts are washed out from the body. Potassium salts are vital for the work of the heart muscle, their lack is especially affected in people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, before the beginning of a watermelon diet it is better to consult a doctor.

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