Cucumber dietContinuing the topic of diets, I want to mention thisa vegetable like a cucumber. It turns out that it is 95% water, so its use does not contribute to the formation of excess weight. Cucumbers improve digestion and metabolism, cleanse the intestines, normalize the water-salt balance, purify the skin, and remove toxins from the body. The cucumber contains folic acid and vitamin C, B vitamins, as well as vegetable fiber.

Of course, a cucumber diet is not easy, but itvery effective. Eating 2 kilograms of cucumbers a day, a person actually drinks about 2 liters of water, without feeling hungry. During the week during which this diet is recommended, cucumbers form the basis of the entire diet, and they should be consumed without salt and any salty seasonings. The total calorie content of food per day is up to 1000 calories.

There are several options for a cucumber diet.

For breakfast you can eat a toast with a smallamount of butter, coffee or tea without sugar. At 12.00, 16.00, 19.00 hours - cucumber salad (1 kg of croup-cucumber, seasoned with low-fat sour cream without salt). For dinner, an additional 50 gr is allowed. boiled meat or one egg. Before going to bed - an apple or a pear.

Or here is a menu.

Breakfast: a slice of black bread with cucumber, one fruit (orange, mandarin, apple). Dinner: cold cucumber soup, boiled meat or fish, rice, salad from any vegetables. Or a choice: vegetable soup, the second (protein product with garnish) and cucumber salad. Afternoon snack you can eat one any fruit. Dinner: salad of cucumbers with herbs, vegetable oil, and to it a hot sandwich with cheese. At night: an apple or an orange, but not a banana.

How to cook cucumber soup? It's pretty simple.

"Kefir" cucumber soup. A large cucumber peel, beat in a mixer with a glass of yogurt, salt, decorate with radishes, cucumbers, chopped rings, sprinkle with herbs, you can also add a boiled egg.

Meat option. Prepare the soup base: a large cucumber, peeled, beat with a glass of bio-yogurt and salt to taste. This liquid is filled with a large amount of finely chopped lean meat (for example, chicken meat), cucumbers and radishes.

Cucumber unloading day is carried out 1-2 times ina week. With it, you can lose weight by 1-1.5 kg per day. 5-6 times during the day you need to prepare a salad of cucumbers and greens in any amount, add fresh lemon juice and fill 1% with kefir. The rest of the time you drink non-carbonated mineral water.

During a cucumber diet, you musttake vitamin preparations, so that cleansing and getting rid of extra pounds do not result in big health problems. If you experience a very strong feeling of hunger, take 5 tablets of microcrystalline cellulose about half an hour before a meal, drinking them with 1-2 glasses of water.

Give a week to your health, sit on a cucumber diet and you will not regret it. After all, thanks to her, you can lose about 6 kilograms of excess weight!

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