Carrot DietSummer is a wonderful time for delicious fruits, berries and vegetables. Probably, all vegetable garden lovers in the beds grow a vegetable such as carrot. It can be used, not only preparing soup or borsch and adding to salad, but also to lose weight with it.

Carrots contain nitrogenous substances, B vitamins, as well as A, D, E, K, PR ascorbic acid, lecithin, and also beta-carotene, which strengthens the immune system, which is importantto prevent premature aging of the body. According to the content of carotene, carrots are second only to sweet peppers. Also in carrots is a lot of iodine, it is even recommended to eat with a decreased function of the thyroid gland. Vitamin A prevents the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, malignant tumors, arthritis, cataracts, and also promotes normal metabolism, growth, physical and mental development, increases resistance to infections, improves the function of the organs of vision. In addition, carrots contain a large amount of fiber and iodine, which helps in the fight against excess weight.

Carrot Diet is quite effective for weight loss and is useful inin general, as the cellulose contained in the carrot removes excess cholesterol from the body. Carrot juice is desirable to drink every day no less than a glass (of course, if you do not have such contraindications as exacerbation of peptic ulcer and enteritis). Before consumption, carrots are washed and cleaned by removing the top layer of the skin with a special knife. Since valuable nutrients are located directly under the skin, the smaller the layer will be removed, the more vitamins will remain. With an early carrot skin is not removed at all, but carefully wash such carrots with a brush.

Juicy varieties of carrots (usually root crops in themthick and short) is better to eat raw, but not whole, and make salads, snacks, juice from them. Raw carrots are generally not recommended to eat wholly, since in this case it is poorly digested due to the large amount of coarse fiber.

The carrot diet is designed for four days andallows you to reset up to 3 kg. The main dish is carrot salad. It can be prepared according to the following recipe. You will need a kilogram of carrots, lemon, a tablespoon of honey. Carrots grate on medium grater, finely chop the selected fruit Honey diluted with freshly squeezed lemon juice, pour carrots and mix. Carrot salad should be divided into three meals, during which it is allowed to eat another fruit according to your taste (you can not eat it separately, but add it to a salad). And so three days. On the fourth day, you can add a little fried potatoes and a slice of bread to the ration. In the morning you can drink half a glass of milk or kefir, or eat a tablespoon of sour cream, fats are necessary to ensure that nutrients from carrots are better absorbed. Well, if the salad quickly gets bored, in the evening you can instead drink carrot or carrot-fruit juice.

Having sustained a 4-day diet, you can move on tohis usual way of life. On the 1st day after the end of the diet, the diet remains the same, but you can add 1-2 baked or boiled potatoes and a little meat to it. Then - the usual diet, limiting the first days of fat and sweet. But try not to overeat, because all your efforts will go wrong.

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