Bracelets made of polymer clayManufacture of bracelets with your own hands allowsreceive beautiful original products, unique in their kind. At the same time, polymeric clay (plastic) opens up very wide opportunities for creativity: it makes bracelets easy and interesting. About how you can do bracelets of polymer clay with their own hands, will tell the Country of Soviets.

Bracelets made of polymer clay are manufactured in a variety of ways. One of the simplest options - gather a bracelet from the same beads any size and shape. Beads can be either monophonic or multi-colored ("marble").

If you need a more unusual bracelet made of polymer clay, then as its elements you can use miniature crafts, imitating, for example, baking (cookies,pieces of cake, muffins, donuts), dishes (cups, saucers), all kinds of berries and fruits, flowers. In addition, from the polymer clay can make elements of the bracelet, which mimic natural stones.

Variants of manufacturing bracelets with their own hands made of plastic are limited only by imagination: there are many techniques to achieve the most amazing results. One of these techniques is the mokumee technique.

Bracelet made of polymer clay in mokume gane technique

Mokume Ghana Is a technique used in working withpolymer clay, which was originally used to make weapons in ancient Japan. This technique allows you to get a very beautiful pattern, similar to the texture of the tree, as well as other beautiful patterns.

The algorithm of work in the technique of mocumene when manufacturing bracelets from polymer clayrather simple. You need to take clay of several colors at your own discretion, as well as clay of two contrasting colors, usually white and black. You will also need a toothpick, an ordinary pen, a sharp writing-knife.

Pieces of colored clay should be folded next to each other (tightly), preliminarily slightly kneading them for greater plasticity. Rolled brusochek should be rolled into a thin layer.

Of white and black polymer clay, roll out strata the same size and thickness, as well as color. The white layer should then be put on black, and the colored one - on white. Further, the layers of polymer clay, combined together, should be carefully rolled into a roll.

Ready Roll should be slightly flattened from the ends, and then use a toothpick or a handle (or any other similar object) to make holes of different sizes in any desired order.

The roll of polymer clay follows after this compress a little from all angles, and then cut into plates 3-5 mm thick: The slice is executed along the longer side. On the resulting plates you can see a beautiful abstract pattern.

With the help of a stationery knife or special forms The desired elements are cut from the plates for a bracelet: the shape and size of them can be any. If desired, you can also make beads from the received plates.

In workpieces With the help of a needle and toothpicks, holes are made. Bake the beads in the oven, in accordance with the instructions on the packaging of polymer clay.

Technique mokume gane in the manufacture of bracelets with their own hands made of polymer clay can be used not only to create beautiful beads. In the same technique you can make and wonderful "solid" bracelet.

For this, after cutting a rolled roll frompolymeric obtained strata should be cut with a stationery knife so that along the length the layer slightly exceeds the length of the circumference of the wrist, and its width is equal to the desired width of the bracelet. The resulting blank should be wrapped around a bottle of a suitable diameter and in this form bake in the oven.

Bracelet made of polymer clay Ready!

Bracelets made of polymer clay
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