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Unusual do not meet. This beautiful decoration made by own hands will please your beautiful ladies, little princesses, or if you are one of the fair sex, then make for yourself this miracle, and do not remain unnoticed. We will make cheerful and lovely earrings from polymer clay to the coming fairytale and magical holiday - New Year. You and the one to whom you are going to present this unforgettable gift, will be delighted! These beautiful snowmen can also be used for interior decoration.

For work you need:

  • Polymer clay (baked): white, red, black, orange

  • Toothpicks

  • Stationery knife or blade

  • Working surface (glass, sheet of paper or ceramic tiles)

  • Wet wipes

  • Lacquer Fimo (or any other special lacquer for polymer clay)

  • Adhesive (moment)

  • Schwenzy

  • Rings connecting

  • Pins with an eye

means for manufacturing

Step-by-step instruction

Before we get started, we advise you: Before proceeding with our decorating, you must wipe your hands thoroughly with wet wipes or wash them with soap to avoid contamination of the polymer clay. It very strongly attracts dust, dirt, various villi and stuff. The same thing we do with each transition to another color.

  1. Let's move on to making our unusual earrings. Let's start with white clay. We take and knead the polymer clay in hands until it becomes soft and plastic. Then divide it into two identical pieces (as the earrings will be 2). From the separated material roll balls.

  2. From the received balls we will make two more. One is bigger (for the bottom of the snowman), the second is bigger (for the snowman's head). We try to roll equal balls, so that the earrings were the same size.

  3. We connect two balls (big and small) by overlapping each other, attaching them to each other. Similar actions are done with the second pair.

  4. two connected balls
  5. And so, the basis for our beautiful snowmenready. We begin to make caps for them. We take the red polymer clay. We roll small circles of red color, then each circle is stretched slightly, creating the shape of a small cone or drop.

  6. In order for our caps to be worn onhead of snowmen in the center of our cone we stick a toothpick. To stick it it is necessary not through and through, but simply to create a hole in order to then put on the hats on our handsome men. There will be two identical hoods of red color, which then serve as a perfect addition to the figures.

  7. we make caps
  8. Now we put our headgears on the heads of snowmen. Next step: roll two thin strips of red color from clay.

  9. To decorate our turned caps, we fix our red stripes around the edges. We will cut off excess strips with a knife.

  10. We take a toothpick and give the volume to our edges of the caps. Point movements we loosen the fringing, we give a certain texture.

  11. Let's start making cute faces for oursnowmobiles. Take orange polymer clay to create spouts - carrots. We roll two small balls out of clay. Slightly flatten these balls to form a cone shape or droplet (elongated). We made our little carrots.

  12. At the next stage, we glue our carrots to the faces of the snowmen. Right under the rim of the cap.

  13. Let's return to our hats. Take again the white polymer clay, roll two small balls, which then we will use as pom-poms. Roll the balls attached to the end of the head to each snowman. In the same way, as well as the fringing of the caps, we add a loose texture to the pompoms. We take a toothpick, with dotted movements we pass through the entire perimeter of the pompon. The effect of volume is ready, the caps look like real and warm.

  14. shape caps
  15. We will dress our snowmen in scarves. And then the New Year - winter time, we will not let them freeze. We take the red polymer clay. We roll out two strips and slightly flatten them with a toothpick or hands.

  16. Now we put on our scarves on snowmen, create a loose texture in the way told earlier (toothpick).

  17. Then we finish the faces. We roll two small balls of black clay and attach.

  18. We roll two more small black balls (peas) and decorate the fur coat for our snowmen. Our snowmen are completely ready and decorated.

  19. Now in the top part of the cap we stick a pin with an eye, on which our decoration will be kept.

  20. We now pass to the end of our work. We bake our handsome men in the oven. When baking it is necessary to follow instructions, which is indicated on the packing of clay. For example, for the German polymeric clay Fimo need 20-30 minutes at a temperature of no more than 110 C.

  21. clay burning
  22. After we baked our snowmen -stick them out and wait until they cool. We cover them with varnish (preferably special for the polymer). Now we wait until the varnish dries. We take the glue Moment or universal for your choice and glue the pins.

  23. And the most final stage, we attach to our snowmen shvenzy.

We have completed the manufacture of our beautiful andunusual earrings - Snowmen. They will be an unforgettable gift and decoration. You can replace the colors and make snowmen with blue or green scarves and hats. Use them as a Christmas tree or decor. Good luck, you have done an unusual thing, which everyone will enjoy, and which will look great everywhere!

finished earrings

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