Harvesting of greenery for the winterSpicy greens will make any dish more delicious. In the summer we add it to soups and second dishes in abundance, trying to compensate for the lack of greenery in the cold season. And after all harvesting of greenery for the winter not so difficult, and even in severe frosts you can enjoy tasty and healthy parsley, dill, celery and basil.

There are several different ways of harvesting greens for the winter. This is salting, drying, freezing, and even the greens can be marinated and covered with butter. All these methods are fairly simple and allow for a long time to preserve the taste, aroma and useful properties of greenery.

For salting greens you will need 250 g of salt (not iodized) per 1kg of greens. Greens need to be sorted, washed, dried, finely chopped, mixed with salt and put into glass jars. Some housewives spread salt and greens layers, and together with the salt add finely chopped garlic. In a day the greens will settle, so you need to report the can to the top (the last layer should be salt), close tightly and put it in a cool place. You can store salted greens in the refrigerator, but only in the positive zone. Adding it to the dish, do not put in it a lot of salt - the necessary salinity will give the greens. When harvesting greens for the winter by the way of salting, the shelf life of the plant is up to 10 months.

Another popular harvest of greenery for the winter is drying (outdoors or in the oven). When drying in the fresh air Selected greens are collected in bundles and hung outIn the shade (direct sunlight destroys vitamins contained in greenery). You can also dry it on a sieve layer of a centimeter and a half. Correctly dried greens do not change color and do not crumble into dust, if you squeeze it in your hand, but crumbles. For harvesting of greenery for the winter by drying in the oven selected, washed and dried greens finelyshredded, laid out on a baking tray with a thin, even layer, covered with clean paper and dried 3-4 hours at a temperature of 40-50 degrees. Store dried herbs in a dry place in cardboard boxes or tightly closed glass jars.

Freeze greens can be different. Some mistresses for harvesting greens for the winterwashed it, dried, wrapped in polyethylene and cleaned in a freezer. Someone stores finely chopped greens in vacuum containers for food, and you can pour it with water and freeze in ice molds. Preserved greens, harvested for the winter by freezing, up to two years.

For harvest for the winter pickled greens you need to prepare a marinade. A liter of marinade is taken 25 grams of salt, 45 g of sugar and 250 ml of 8 per cent vinegar. Greens should be thoroughly washed, densely packed in jars, pour marinade and sterilized 25 minutes at one hundred degrees. The shelf life of pickled greens - about six months.

In order to to prepare greens for the winter in oil, it is necessary to wash it, crush it (chopor pass through a meat grinder), put in a jar and pour with vegetable oil and gently mix so that the oil is evenly distributed throughout the pot. Greens should be covered with a layer of oil about a finger thick. The jar of greens needs to be tightly closed and placed in a refrigerator, it will be stored for several months.

Is it worth mixing different types of greens when harvesting for the winter? Some housewives prefer to procuredifferent kinds of greenery separately, so that the flavors do not mix. But if you like to experiment - try to prepare herbal mixtures. The combination of flavors and aromas of parsley, basil, dill, cilantro, celery, mixed in different proportions, can be very unusual and greatly diversifies your diet.

Procuring greenery for the winter helps you to getthe necessary amount of vitamins all year round and enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes even in February, when all around suffer from beriberi and wait for the arrival of spring.

Harvesting of greenery for the winter

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