How to make a man marry?Men and women in love affairs are behavingas if they originally lived always on different planets. And all the girls want to get married as soon as possible and have a baby. But men never take the time to hurry with this sacred offer of the hand and heart. Therefore, for all girls and women is very important question: how to get a man to marry?

Most men always want to be free of obligations, which you, ladies, put on after themmarriage ceremony. Only a few have already come to the conclusion that without the bonds of a family marriage they can not live. But to bitter regret, such men have long found their life companions. Therefore, only the hardened bachelors remain, who flatly refuse to lead you to the crown. Do not despair, because there are always ways to make your lover marry you.

there is some simple ways how to get a man to marry. But all of them must go in a complex, therebycompletely preparing your lover for a very important step. Therefore, if you are really sure that you want to connect your life with this person, you can proceed to action.

To start stop pushing on a loved one with constant whining that you want to get married, put on a beautiful white dress andto ride in a posh limousine on the rights of the bride. It is also important to give your man freedom of action. Let him choose what he wants to do. Do not try to stay near him constantly. After all, with your constant presence you will only tire him. But your man always wants to spend some time with friends in a bar or go to a football match. Feel free to let him go there. Let him see that if he is with you, his relations with friends will not deteriorate.

If you want a man to marry, do not put pressure on him. And do not even think of bribing him. For example, you can throw an innocent phrase "and my parents promised to give us an apartment for a wedding", and your relationship will end. The fact is that you will touch the dignity of a man. After all, he will have to provide you with everything, and not always thank your parents. Agree to such conditions only gigolo.

One of the correct ways how to get a man to marry is to tie him to himself. Do not even think about giving birth to a child, because if your lover wants to leave, he is notnothing will stop. Especially, a child is a responsibility. Are you sure that your man is ready to take it upon himself? Therefore, you risk becoming a single mother. If you really want a child, you should first learn how to replenish your second half. A positive attitude can really push a man to a marriage.

If even the situation with pregnancy does not help you, then how to tie a man to yourself in this case? One should not devise a thousand ways how to get a man to marry. Just become irreplaceable for him. Let him feel how good it is when you are around, take care of him and love him. And to check the fixed result, you can leave for a week, leaving it without your care.

Declining your lover to marriage can also help his own family. Meet his parents and build a good relationship with them.. Show yourself with the best of luck. Let his parents appreciate you and will be perceived as a suitable party. A big role here will be played by your mother's mom. After all, the mother council is followed by almost all members of the stronger sex.

The main difficulty in establishing a relationship with a man's parents is that like the future mother-in is very difficult. And if she dislikes you for something, most likely, you will have to give up your marriage plans.

To your man decided to get married, it takes a long time. Try not to force events. Hasty decisions are not always madethe best. Wanting to get married as soon as possible, you can even agree to a civil marriage. Unfortunately, such a decision can be called fundamentally wrong. After all, soon because of the everyday routine of your relationship will change greatly, and you have a different look at each other. Moreover, to force a man to marry after several years lived together is almost impossible. Therefore, it is best to avoid trying to live together, but instead to agree to regular meetings in the evenings or cohabitation on the weekends.

How to make a man marry?
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