Psychological abuseWe are all accustomed to hearing such expressions as sexual or physical violence against a person. But psychologists also highlight another type of bullying - psychological abuse. Have you ever heard of this? But in fact, there are many families where wives or children are subjected to mental violence by men.

Any person can be disfigured not only physically, but also morally. As a result, such emotionally unbalancedpeople begin to mock the surrounding and surrounding people in the future. And very often such words as "love" and "affection" for them do not mean anything. And in a happy life together, problems begin - these are humiliations and threats from the side of the spouse. Before the assault does not reach, but that's the words you can offend and humiliate in no way worse than strikes. Many women are familiar with such situations, because they are victims of psychological violence.

Psychological violence in the family can have several facets. So, it can be a complete suppression of the willanother person or total control over any actions. In families with children, emotional abuse can also affect a child. Let's see what is psychological violence?

Psychological violence can be described as constant humiliation of a person, which leads to a slowdown in the development of the personality and the acquisition of a number of pathological properties of character. But this description is true only for children, overwhich psychologically scoff. In adult relationships, mental violence manifests in two ways. This can be full control by the spouse or the fear of the wife in front of him. In any case, such relations are built on the fact that one dominates, and the other submissively obeys and can not and word from side to side.

The worst thing is that victims of mental violence have become accustomed to being commanded by, and they obey, and it seems that to tryit's too late to change anything. But actually it is not. There are no such situations. There is always the opportunity to say "No!" To psychological violence and start changing your life for the better. Separately, it should be mentioned that there are situations when any attempts to change the relations in the family to each other inevitably lead to conflict and assault. But in any case, a man is not right if he does not give the woman the right to choose and the opportunity to speak on this or that occasion.

Yes, and women are often so used to such a life that they already have no strength to change something. A with the advent of the child everything can only become worse. Even worse things can happen ifpsychological abuse is the child from a previous marriage. In this case, you can often hear the accusations of the child that he is mediocrity, they raise him, feed him, and there is no thanks from him. The worst scenario is the child's intimidation, rejection and physical abuse. Because of this treatment, the child's psyche is injured, and in the future it will become very difficult for him to recover from such shocks.

But You can not allow psychological violence to continue all the time, because such a life will not lead either oneside to nothing good. Therefore, psychologists developed a special rehabilitation program that allows both the victim and the rapist to learn how to communicate correctly with each other. On the one hand, the victim internally realizes his injuries, reconciles with the past. As a result, a person will be relieved of the constant stress that accompanied him for several years. The rapist, in turn, must realize what it is like to be traumatized.

You may think that only the victimPsychological violence will require the help of psychologists. This approach is used now, but it does not give effective results. In the future, the rapist will find another victim, and the relationship can not be saved. Only an integrated approach will provide an opportunity to save relationships and save both people from their internal problems.

Psychological abuse
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