Energy Vampirism: How to protect yourself?You must have experienced at least once in your lifethe fact that communication with a certain person tires you: you feel tired, "squeezed out dry," your head may begin to hurt. This means that you are faced with such a phenomenon as energy vampirism.

This phenomenon, like energy vampirism, refers more to esotericism than to psychology - the official science of the existence of energyvampires questioned. But the fact remains - there are people, communication with which as if "sucks" of us energy, although in appearance it could seem quite neutral.

Energy vampirism is different. Some of the energy vampires are aggressive. They provoke conflicts, scandals, quarrels,To get you out of peace. Such brawlers can be seen at once, and although it is not pleasant to communicate with them, you at least immediately see what a man is like.

Compounding this energy vampirism is the human status: often aggressive vampires meet amongpeople who are uncomfortable to contradict due to their age (older family members) or positions (bosses). This category includes people who are "quick-tempered, but quick-witted": they quickly calm down, having received from you their dose of energy.

Much more dangerous may be another type - conditionally such energy vampires can be called passive. They do not provoke an open confrontation -instead of a sense of aggression, they "eat" a feeling of pity. Such people are often in a decadent mood, they like to complain about life, to cry to the waistcoat in search of compassion and sympathy. As a result, it becomes easier for them, but for you it's worse.

To the same type of "implicit" vampires can be attributed to people who seem to be friendly to you, but after talking with them there is still an unpleasant residue. Because they under the guise of caring about you like to tell who looked askance at you, said something bad about you. They seem to wish you well, but rarely talk about good, only about bad, and such "care" leaves only negative emotions.

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire?

Having discovered that one of the acquaintances is "fueled" by your energy, do not rush to attack him with accusations: The energy vampirism of most people is unconscious, they do it not specifically. But this does not mean that you do not need to try to protect yourself from an energy vampire: after all, your shirt is closer to the body.

The goal of the energy vampire is to cause you strong emotions, which will become for him an energy source. It can be anger, resentment, resentment, pity. Your task is not to let him get what he wants, remaining as calm as possible.

If the energetic vampirism of a person is aggressive, try to stay emphatically calm, not succumbing to provocations and not entering into conflict. This is not easy, because the first urge -yell at a man in return. But this is exactly what he needs! So try to keep yourself in hand: your opponent will understand (or feel - if he "vampires" unconsciously) that he has nothing to profit from, and will fall behind.

If you are caught by a person whose energy vampirism is in a "divorce" for pity, stop being a waistcoat for him. This does not mean that you need to become staleheartless man - just compassion must also have its limits. Instead of regretting such a person, stroking his head, saying "Everything will be fine," calmly offer him concrete ways to solve his problems. The chief despot? Find a new job. Constant conflicts with the mother-in-law? Take off your apartment and live separately.

Such people are usually not going to solve their problems: they like the pity of others. If you Instead of the usual pity, give him a concrete guide to action, he either follows your advice (which is unlikely), or chooses someone else to be the waistcoat, realizing that this number will not pass with you.

If the energy vampire is not too closeyou are a man, you can just try to reduce communication with him to a minimum. If it's your relative, or a friend who is dear to you, despite his energy vampirism, just try not to take everything too much to heart and help him as much as possible.

Energy Vampirism: How to protect yourself?
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