Social dependencyEveryone is subject to this or that kind of dependence. Most often, we are dependent on public opinion, which influences the formation of our stereotypes and lifestyle. What is social dependency and is it worth fighting with it?

To begin with, it should be clarified that two terms are not to be confused: "dependence on social networks" and "social dependence". Psychologists began to face dependence onsocial networks recently. The growth in demand for such a resource led to the fact that a great many teenagers and young people became dependent on virtual communication. The reason for this can be called some hidden complexes and unrealized desires, which everyone has. Social networks provide the opportunity for communication, which, for certain reasons, is not enough in real life. They can freely communicate with strangers, live a different life, be represented by another person. Social networks and virtual communication give a certain feeling of psychological security from the opinions of others.

Dependence on social networks is characterized by the fact that people spend most of their time behind a computer monitor, constantly being in a social network. The desire to be interesting for others and constant virtual communication are the main signs of dependence.

Social dependence is different from the above. Here, people become totally dependent onpublic opinion. It is impossible to completely protect yourself from the society, so many people start to listen to public opinion. In this way, people begin to change their lives and actions so that they receive an approving assessment from others. Since everyone is among other people, then such a dependence is almost everyone.

Another negative manifestation of social dependence is the inability to make independent decisions. Thus, a person simply followsstereotypes that have already developed in his head: "my decision does not mean anything," "one must listen to the opinions of others". Social dependence forces people to obey the system: it is not possible to work without instructions and examples from the outside.

Social dependence greatly affects self-esteem. People become totally dependent on evaluationothers. If a person is constantly praised, supported, called beautiful and intelligent, as a result, he will get an inflated self-esteem. To underestimate self-esteem - constant criticism will be more than enough. No one is born a formed person. In the process of forming their own "I" people constantly listen to others, to their opinion, as if trying on themselves to other people's demands, opinions and feelings. Thus, we ourselves create our dependence on others.

Social dependence requires not only fighting against it, but also its awareness. Since each of us depends on the opinionsurrounding in one way or another, you can advise simply to understand that others do not care about our lives. Do not justify yourself for your actions and mistakes. Only parents and very close people can really worry for us.

In order to free oneself from social dependence, one must understand what it is that can attract it, and why it is so difficult to give up ordinary life. Like any habits, social addictioncan be replaced by something else, harmless to the psyche. Often, psychologists advise choosing a few new hobbies that will help to shift attention to other aspects of life. There are new interests that embrace new spheres of life, until this time unknown.

Also get rid of social dependence very well helps relaxation. For this you can go to nature,walk in the woods or go fishing. You can do needlework. Just have to try to stay alone, and it's not so scary. Over time, everyone realizes that social dependency and the opinion of others should not affect his life.

Social dependency
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