Psychological causes of diseases
The psychology of the disease is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. The causes of any diseases are hidden in our subconscious, in the presence of harmful thoughts, emotions and feelings.

The country of the Soviets will open psychological causes of disease and find out why people are sick.

Have you thought what the phrase "Is it on your nerves" or "All diseases from nerves" mean? In fact, there is a direct connection between the soul and the body. Negative thoughts of man, bearing

in itself a strong energy potential, return to him according to the law of the boomerang and harm his own health.

Examples can be such: the person strongly is afraid to catch any infectious disease and ... it becomes infected, because of heavy and sad thoughts headaches begin or,

due to severe stress, a stomach ulcer opens, etc.

Even the ancient philosopher Ibn Sina (known to us under the name Avicenna) noted the relationship between the mental and physical state. It was he who described the psychological

causes of disease. Avicenna conducted an experiment that is still used as an example in textbooks on psychology: two rams of the same age and weight fed the same

food, but the difference was that one sheep was tied around a cage with a wolf. The result was amazing - the ram, which was next to the wolf, soon fell ill and died. Fate

Of course, the second sheep was much happier.

In similar conditions, most people live. Only instead of a wolf they see other problems. People are nervous, envied, angry, hated ... and do not understand that their

feelings and negative thoughts scare away luck, destroy their own and others' lives, thereby worsening their own health. It all depends on what thoughts come to your mind and

how much they are negatively colored.

You can certainly argue about viral infections, toxic substances and microbes. But not all are ill with the flu during the epidemic, and not always poisoning is transferred

too hard.

Any disease signals that in your life something goes wrong. In addition to the standard treatment with medications, you need to think about why this disease

came to you exactly, what you did wrong and how to fix it. There is nothing accidental in this world.

The most interesting thing is that certain negative emotions cause the corresponding symptoms and diseases. For example, fear may be accompanied by

disorder of the stomach, a feeling of weakness in the knees. As a consequence, from a constant sense of fear, there may be joint diseases or problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Evil and envious people, for example, are called bilious. But in fact they have increased bile content in the body. The result is cholelithiasis,

cholecystitis, etc.

People employed heavy thoughts and solving difficult life tasks, changes his posture, gait, look, his shoulders drop. They are as if pressed down from above

an unbearable burden. As a rule, this leads to problems with the spine.

Psychological causes of diseases of cardio-vascular system usually associated with excessive emotions and a lack of love for oneself and others.

Or for example, because of extreme stress a person can instantly turn gray hair. Stress is usually accompanied by a decrease in immunity, skin rashes,

depression, etc.

As you can see, the human body is a complex system, in which the physical body and the energy field interact with each other. Any our action, emotion,

thought in a certain way responds to our body and influences our own destiny.

Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that if we are capable of provoking diseases with our own thoughts, then in the same way we We can make ourselves happy and healthy.

Everything is in thought, and thought can be changed.

First of all, you need reconsider their attitude to life. Try to get rid of the past and forgive everyone without exception, no matter how hard it was. Remember,

that hidden insults, guilt, criticism of others, anger are the most dangerous emotions for health. Accept yourself in this life with love. After all, if we love ourselves, our

life becomes bright and beautiful.

The psychological causes of disease are found only in ourselves. Hence, all in our hands.

Psychological causes of diseases
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