Cep mushroom soup
White mushroom is one of the most delicious, healthy and nutritious mushrooms. It can be served to the table in fried form, or you can cook it white mushroom soup. Recipes of soup with porcini mushrooms are divided into the Country of Soviets.

Soup can be prepared from fresh as well as fromdried mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms, of course, tastes better, but dried are easier to digest, in addition, they are available all year round. So in the mushroom season you can enjoy soup made with fresh white mushrooms, and in the winter pamper yourself with soup made from dried mushrooms. We offer both variants of the recipe.

Mushroom soup (fresh)

Here is one of the most common recipes for soup from white mushrooms. Many mistresses use it with minor variations. For soup preparation we will need:

  • fresh ceps - 500 g

  • potatoes - 500 g

  • carrots - 1 pc.

  • onion medium size - 1 pc.

  • salt - to taste

  • oil for frying

  • greens of dill and sour cream for refueling

White mushrooms are thoroughly washed. Cut them into fairly large pieces, pour 1.5 liters of cold water and set to cook. If desired, you can add spices (bay leaves, peppers, peas, etc.) to the water, but you can do without them. When the water boils, salt the broth and cook for about forty minutes, periodically removing the foam.

Onions and carrots are cleaned and finely chopped. The onions are fried until it becomes transparent, add the carrots and wess for 5-7 minutes. Peeled potatoes cut into small pieces and add to the broth after forty minutes after the beginning of the boil. Also add the sliced ​​carrots and onions. Cook until the potatoes are ready.

Before serving, sprinkle the soup finely chopped fresh greens of dill and season with sour cream.

Each mistress has her own secrets of cookingsoup of white mushrooms. So, when cooking, you can add spices (black ground pepper, garlic, etc.) to the soup. Some housewives fry the mushrooms before adding to the soup. To make the soup more nutritious, you can add vermicelli (best of all, "cobweb" - it quickly prepares, so you can throw it in at the very end of the cooking).

For greater satiety, you can season soupbutter (about 2 tablespoons, put together with potatoes) or an egg. The egg is shaken and poured into the soup with a thin trickle at the very end of the cooking, and the soup should be constantly stirred. After this, cover the pan with a lid, turn off the fire and allow it to stand for five minutes. After adding the egg, do not let the soup boil - the egg curdles and settles in flakes.

White mushroom soup (dried)

Dried mushrooms for soup need about ten times less than fresh (by weight). Before preparing the soup, they must be soaked in plenty of water, preferably at night. So, to make a mushroom soup of dried white mushrooms, let's take:

  • dry white mushrooms - 1.5 tbsp.

  • thin vermicelli ("spiderweb") - 75 g

  • potatoes - 3-4 pcs.

  • carrots - 2 pcs.

  • onions - 2 pcs.

  • parsley root - 1 pc.

  • celery root - 1 pc.

  • parsley and dill greens - half the beam

  • cooking oil for frying

  • black pepper, bay leaf, salt - to taste

  • sour cream for refueling

Mushrooms soaked in cold water for abouthour and a half, then cut. The root of parsley and celery, onions and carrots are cleaned. We put on the stove a pot of water, bring to a boil, put mushrooms, parsley, celery, one onion and one carrot. Cook mushrooms until soft.

While broth is boiled, finely chop the remainingbulb and carrot and passer on vegetable oil until golden brown. Potatoes are cleaned and cut with long straws, parsley and dill grease finely chopped. We get the cooked vegetables from the broth, add the potatoes, fry, pepper and bay leaves, salt to taste.

When the potatoes are almost ready, add the vermicelli and greens and mix. Turn off the fire, cover with a lid and leave for ten minutes, then pour into plates and season with sour cream.

Vermicelli, if desired, can be replaced with rice orpearl barley. Naturally, they will need to be put in soup not at the end of cooking, but in the beginning. Some housewives cook mushrooms to half cooked, fry with onions and carrots, and then return to soup. To prepare a more flavorful broth, you can use water in which the mushrooms were soaked.

Bon Appetit!

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