What to do after the interview
It would seem that after a job interview, you canbreathe freely. But until you know the results, you are likely to be on tenterhooks. "Why do not they write and do not call? Maybe I did not fit them? Or have they forgotten about me? Or? .. »Should I call the employer first? Or should we wait patiently? About, how to behave after the interview, tells the Land of Soviets.

If the potential employer has not refused you directly at the interview (or did not say right away that you are suitable), he should tell you how and in what terms he will inform you of his decision. If he did not tell you this, do not hesitate to clarify with him, when the result will be known. Also agree who will call whom after the allotted time.

Sometimes the employer does not call after the interview first deliberately. This is a kind of last candidate check: if he does not call himself, it means that he is not sointerested in the work. However, one can never know for sure whether the employer actually chose such a tactic or does not call for some other reason (can not get through, incorrectly recorded your phone number, etc.).

So, Call the employer after the interview? Before the expiration of the agreed period - no, giveTo the employer that time, about which you agreed. If you hurry him, he is unlikely to be more supportive to you. So call only if the employer did not call you back when he promised.

It may turn out that the employer has not yet made a decision. In this case, during the conversation, a new period should be appointed, instead of calling the employer every day and annoying him with his obsession and impatience. If the final term is postponed several times, think: do you need such a job?

If during the interview you did not agree on the timing of the final decision, you will have to call the employer after the interview. Do not call the next day: it is unlikely that the decision will be made so quickly. But do not delay, or the other candidate will outstrip you. Usually the employer takes several days to a week to make the decision, so it's best to call the day in three or four days.

Sometimes recruiters tell applicants about the results according to the following principle: in case of success, they call the candidates, and in case of refusal - they write by e-mail. Therefore, after the interview, do not forget to regularly check your e-mail box, including the folder "Spam". Sometimes it happens that they are also reported on hiring by e-mail. You do not want to lose space just because you forgot to check your mail?

Practice is common in the West writing letters of thanks to a potential employer after an interview. We can count such a lettersycophancy, but if you are taking part in a company whose corporate culture is close to the West, you can write such a letter. There is nothing shameful in thanking the employer for what he has given you his time.

If you decide to write such a letter, you need to do this within a few days after the interview, while the employer still remembers you. Be laconic and restrained, do not showexcessive emotionality, but also stressed dryness is unlikely to be appropriate. If you want, you can mention in the letter what you forgot to say at the interview, but you do not need to turn it into a clone of the resume and praise yourself. Thanks to the employer, try to avoid blatant flattery.

Before sending, be sure to check the letter for errors and typos, pay special attention to the correct spelling of the name and address of the addressee. Do not write an "impersonal" letter: you in fact communicated with this person personally and should remember, as its name. If you know that your memory leads you to names, ask for a business card during the interview.

So, the answer to the question "What to do after the interview?" Is quite simple: have the patience of one's patience. Give the employer time for reflection, and after his expiration, call. Do not be obtrusive, but at the same time, do not be afraid to contact the employer first if necessary.

What to do after the interview
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