Summary with photos: pluses and minusesSome job search sites provideoption to attach a photo to the resume. Some people think this is fair: they meet someone on clothes. Others, on the contrary, are unhappy: what does appearance have to professional qualities? Let's try to figure it out, Do I need a resume with a photo in fact?.

First of all, we will "cut out" creative professions,where the exterior is really important - models, actresses, etc. They, if they provide a photo, it is not in the form of a 3x4 card for a resume, but in the form of a full-fledged professional portfolio. Let's talk about the professions of the more mundane, who are not traded. Do I need a resume with a photo accountant, system administrator, manager?

And among applicants, and among HR specialists Opinions about the resume with the photos diverge. Someone thinks that the photo is an additionalA way to draw the attention of the employer to your resume. Other job seekers are sure that the photo is not necessary, because employers assess the professional qualities of the applicant, and not his appearance.

And what do managers think about this about recruiting? Most agree that a photo in the resume is not obligatory; place or do not post photos - dependspurely from the competitor. The only exception is the profession, in which presentable appearance is important along with personal qualities. If your activity is related with communication with people, the photo in the resume is highly desirable. A resume with a photo does not prevent secretaries, personal assistants, account managers, etc.

In addition, do not forget that the Eichars are also people, and like all people, they are not ideal. Everyone has their own subjective preferences about appearance. If your photo produced an unfavorableimpression on the manager of the staff, he can "wrap" even a good resume, not vchityvayas. It's not even about beauty / ugliness. HR may not like blondes / brunettes / short haircuts / brown lipstick. And he can reject the resume, without realizing that the reason was the photo.

So, it's up to you to file a resume with a photo or not to the employer. If you decide that you can not do without photos, carefully approach the choice of photography. To make a favorable impression on the employer, take care of:

  1. Choosing clothes. For women, a business suit is desirable orneat classic blouse. For a man, a business suit, a shirt with a tie, a sweater with a shirt and a tie, or at least a shirt without a tie are allowed.

  2. Make-up and hairstyle. Of course, to a greater extent this applies to women. Make-up should be natural, discreet, hair style - neat.

  3. The furnishings. The furnishings should be formal, a BBQ with shish kebabs or a creative mess on the bed in the background is unlikely to cause the disposition of your employer. It is better that the background is neutral.

  4. The quality of the photo. The photo should be high-quality, sharp, best of all - colored. It is best to use the services of a professional photographer if possible.

  5. Smile. A restrained, affable smile is the best way to put a person to yourself. Therefore, it is better not to attach the photo to the CV documents - usually we look at them sullenly and unfriendly.

And finally - several harmful advice for those who want their resume with a photo guaranteed to scare the employer.

Attach to CV photo from rest in Turkey - the employer is sure to have fun,considering your red burnt shoulders. A tiny bikini from the Vietnamese market will surely force him to invite you to an interview. If you have not been in Turkey, a photo of a trip to barbecue with a bottle of vodka in the foreground will come down.

If you did not fold with rest - attach a photo in the interior of your house. The employer is very interested in what carpet hangs on your wall, how many cats live in your house, and why you do not glue the hanging corner of the wallpaper.

If the photo turned out not very good quality, be sure to retouch it in Photoshop, make a face mask, removing acne, and then, after thinking, replace the background in the form of a carpet on the interior of Yandex's office, and next place Barack Obama - let the employer know that you are with whom you do not communicate!

And you can check the wit of the employer, attaching to the resume group photo 50 people and attributing: "Guess where I am?" Or to withdraw for a resume in the semi-nude - then you will be 100% recruited without even reading it.

Jokes are jokes, but if you decide to send a resume to the employer with a photo - be careful. Photos in the resume can both increase your chances of finding a job, and reduce them to zero.

Summary with photos: pluses and minuses
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