How to write a resume without experienceSearching for the first job is not an easy task,because most employers need candidates with work experience, and where to take it to someone who was still a student yesterday? However, a well-written resume will help you compensate for the lack of experience and make your candidature more attractive in the eyes of the employer. How to write a resume without work experience?

Even if you have never officially worked forThis does not mean that you do not have any work experience at all. At senior courses, university students usually undergo industrial practice - mention this in the summary. Also It is worth including in the resume various kinds of internships, one-time and temporary work, volunteer activities - if, of course, it is directly related to your specialty. Well, if you managed to earn money while studying, say, as a laboratory assistant at the department - this will be a plus on your resume.

If you are applying for a vacancy for creativecharacter, for which a portfolio is required, you can include in it works that you have done as a freelancer (if any), as well as work done for free. Maybe you made a site for a girlfriend who deals with a handmade? Or writing articles in a university newspaper? Only It is not necessary to "stuff" the portfolio with works simply for the quantity, choose the ones that you really can be proud of, which are the most profitable demonstrating your talent.

But what if the "Experience" column does not carelooks like something is empty? To write a resume without work experience that will attract the attention of the employer, you need to compensate for the lack or lack of experience with other advantages. This can be personal qualities, academic achievements, etc. Also, you can include in the resume information about the completion of different kinds of courses, the corresponding vacancy for which you are applying, if you did not include it in the "Education" section.

Information about the reading and writing, prizes, awards,won contests, participation in conferences and other kinds of achievements is usually entered in the column "Additional information". However, again, you do not need to enter here information about absolutely all the rewards; mention only those that really will be an adequate alternative to professional experience. If you, for example, pretend to be a sales manager, it's unlikely that HR will be interested in your victory in the dance competition.

With personal qualities, too, it is better not to overdo it. Particular emphasis should be placed on easy learning, the desire to develop, the readiness to work hard and hard. Lack of experience is often compensatedzeal and desire to get this experience. By the way, some companies prefer to train personnel from scratch, so to speak, "for themselves", than to retrain those who came from other companies. Perhaps this is your chance.

Another important point. HR "s reject many candidates without work experience, not so much because of a lack of experience per se, but because of the fact that it is combined with them with high expectations. Yesterday's student is unlikely to immediately offerhighly paid and prestigious position: you have to start small and gradually move to the top. Therefore, be modest and moderate appetites, do not specify in the summary of the sky-high level of wages.

If your goal is simply to find a job, and finding a job in your specialty is not important to you, it makes sense to compile two summaries. One resume will be "sharpened" for job search by profession, and the second you will use to find vacancies where work experience is not fundamental.

So, to properly write a resume without work experience, you need to think about what you can do compensate for your lack of experience in the specialty, and make it all in the summary. After that, carefully read the summary and delete from it all the redundant information that does not apply to your chosen vacancy.

And most importantly - Do not be afraid to try to send a resume to the vacancies that interest you, even if the requirements indicate work experience. In the worst case, you will simply be ignored - not such a tragedy. And suddenly you are lucky, and your resume is still interested in someone? If you do not send it, you will not know it. So dare - sooner or later you will surely smile good luck!

How to write a resume without experience
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