How to write a cover letter to your resume?HR managers of Western companies have neverconsider the resume of candidates for a position without a cover letter (cover letter). At us practice of a writing of covering letters yet has not got accustomed everywhere, but such letter can become a weighty bonus to the resume. The country of the Soviets will tell, how to write a cover letter.

What is a cover letter tosummary? Imagine that a resume is an advertising booklet that tells about your merits. In this case, the cover letter is his cover, which draws attention to the content. Resume - a gift, a letter - a wrapper. Summary - a diamond, a letter - a frame. I think you got the gist. If you can write a cover letter correctly, the employer is guaranteed to be interested in your resume.

Before you write a cover letter, you should familiarize yourself with its structure. A standard letter consists of several parts.

  1. Appeal. Even if you send your CV to differentfirms, "impersonal" cover letters ("to whom it may concern") are not welcome. Find out the name of the person who is responsible for recruiting personnel in a particular company, and his position. Address directly to him.

  2. Introduction. Write to which job you areapply (there can be several vacancies in the firm, and HR-s are not telepaths), from where you learned about it. You can also specify what you know about the company (only there should not be blatant flattery).

  3. Main part. In it you must state why youinterested in this company and the vacancy. In brief (but only in brief, this is not a summary or an autobiography), tell us about your professional skills, experience and achievements. Convince the employer to read your resume and invite you to an interview. Just state the facts, and do not just praise yourself. Information in the letter should not duplicate the information from the resume, and even more so - contradict them.

  4. Conclusion. At the end of the letter, thank the employer fortime spent reading the letter, and report on the availability of applications (this mainly applies to e-mail correspondence, when a resume is sent as an attached file).

  5. Signature. Be sure to sign the full name and write your contacts at the end of the letter. The more of them, the better: the employer will be able to contact you in any convenient way for him.

A good letter can play into your hands, but a bad one can discourage the employer from reading your resume. Therefore, when writing you will have to try. To write a cover letter well, you need to follow a few simple rules.

First, be brief. Do not try to "stick out" on the reader a lot ofinformation: all the necessary information and so is in the summary. The optimal size is approximately half the page in the A4 format (Times New Roman, 12 pins). This is about two paragraphs of the main text on 5 sentences in each.

Secondly, observe a neutral tone. It is not necessary to show off, curry favor, ask,apologize, demand. It's business correspondence, not personal. As for the creative approach and humor - they can be used if you need to write a cover letter to a resume for a creative job, where these qualities are valued.

Third, avoid hackneyed phrases and be specific. Instead of qualities (sociability,creativity, initiative, etc.) it is better to indicate specific professional achievements. Concentrate on the merits that can be useful in the company where you want to work.

Fourth, concentrate on a particular company and job. No matter how much you want to send out the samea letter to all employers, work hard and write letters for specific vacancies and companies. So there is more chance that HR will be interested in your resume.

Fifth, before sending, be sure to check the letter for errors - it is better not once. It is advisable to give it to someone before sending it-we ourselves sometimes fail to notice our shortcomings. Especially carefully check if you have correctly written the name of the addressee and the name of the company.

If you send a resume by e-mail, The cover letter is placed directly in the body of the message, and the summary - in the form of an attached file, unless the company has its own requirements. Do not forget to fill in the "Message subject" field, for example "Resume is not a vacancy (job title)". You can add your surname and initials to the topic.

If you succeeded correctly write a cover letter to a good resume, you can be sure that you already have an invitation for an interview in your pocket!

How to write a cover letter to your resume?
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