How to present weaknesses of character in the resume?Each applicant wants his resumehas made a favorable impression on the potential employer. However, in the standard summary it is customary to indicate not only your own strengths, but also your weaknesses. How correctly to present weaknesses of the character in the resumeso that HR does not put a cross on you before the interview?

In general, if you compose your CV yourself, in an arbitrary form, You can not specify any weaknesses of the character in the resume: focus on education,professional experience and skills, and talk about the qualities of the character already at the interview, if it comes to him. But if you fill out a standardized resume form on the job search site or in a particular company, you probably can not get away from filling in the box about shortcomings.

The main difficulty in presenting their shortcomings in the summary is that "You can not cut an ax with a pen". If you can give an interviewan evasive-diplomatic answer to the question of your weaknesses, then this focus will not cover the resume. Therefore, it is necessary to think very carefully about what exactly to write in this part of your resume.

The biggest mistake that you can make is to put a dash in the "Weaknesses" column. There are no ideal people, so an empty space in this part of the resume will allow the recruiter to draw a conclusion about your inadequately inflated self-esteem. But to describe all their shortcomings in detail is not necessary: ​​it is unlikely that excessive frankness, bordering on self-flagellation, will be appreciated.

It is worth remembering that far from all aspects of the character are uniquely weak or strong: what for a representative of one profession will beTo be considered a dignity, for the representative of the other will be a disadvantage. For example, for people whose activities are connected with communication, communication skills will be a plus. But if the vacancy you are applying for requires laborious and concentrated work, communication skills may seem to the employer a disadvantage: suddenly, instead of working, will you communicate with colleagues?

So, making up a list of weaknesses of character, start from the position you are applying for. Try to choose those that, withon the one hand, are related to your professional activities (because otherwise the employer will be neither hot nor cold from them), but on the other hand they will not interfere with effective work.

Sometimes advise present your advantages as disadvantages, as weaknesses of character indicatingworkaholism, increased sense of responsibility, perfectionism, etc. With some recruiters, this works, but keep in mind that this reception is old and well-known, so that your cunning can be figured out. So use it at your own peril and risk.

Remember that please indicate your weaknesses in the resume most often caused not by the desire to really learn about your weaknesses, but rather desire to assess your honesty, self-criticism and adequacy. Therefore, you do not need to lie: the truth will still come out if not on an interview, then on probation.

Try indicate such weaknesses of character over which you can work (and, of course, specify in the summary or incover letter, that you are ready to work on them). Many employers appreciate the opportunity to "educate" an employee for themselves, so frankness in answering the question about weaknesses and readiness to improve will be appreciated.

So, if you are not specifically asked to mention your weaknesses in the resume, you do not need to do this on your own initiative. If from the description of the weaknesses of the character does not get out, be frank, but do not go too far: you need to write the truth, but no one says that you should write the whole truth, and even in detail.

How to present weaknesses of character in the resume?
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