How to write a business letter
If you think that writing letters for a long timeirrelevant, then you are mistaken. Even if they are not written by hand, not sealed in an envelope and not delivered via regular mail, but transmitted via the Internet, they are still a convenient and important source of information.

Letters for communicating with friends and relatives, namely their design, do not have strict requirements. However, there remained an area in which this attention is given. This is about business correspondence - the most important part of the relationship betweenpartners, customers, customers, employers and employees. It is necessary to clearly know how to write a letter, what distinguishes a business letter from a personal one, which should include the design of a letter, how to write letters for different situations, in what order to put information, what words should be used.

A business letter is a kind of business card of the company. Therefore, a well-written business letter -pledge of forming a positive image of the company. A modern business letter is, first of all, a service message in the form of an official document, as well as in the form of various confirmations, proposals, requests, requests, reminders, instructions, complaints, congratulations, condolences and responses to them.

Business letter should be irreproachable in all respects: even a slight deviation from the rules canmake it illegal from a legal point of view. Correctly written, written in a good language on a letterhead, an unambiguous business letter is one of the keys to the success of your business. For writing, you usually use a letterhead with the company logo, its full name, postal and telegraph address, telephone, fax and bank details.

The letter of the letter that contains the address to the addressee is usually: the post and the name of the addressee are written in the upperright corner of the letter. Direct appeal is drawn in the center of the letter and ends with an exclamation mark. The cap can be highlighted in bold. Depending on the situation, you can use the following examples of appeals: "Dear Mrs. Ivanova!", "Dear Mikhail Petrovich!", "Dear Mr. Director!", "Dear Sirs!". The appeal is placed in the middle of the page. It should be noted that in the business letter in the circulation, abbreviations such as "Mr.", "Mrs." or the use of human initials are unacceptable.

Then follows the introduction, where it is necessary briefly andclearly formulate the main purpose of the business letter, the reason for sending this letter. The next section - the main part, which sets out the main idea and essence of the business letter. Then comes a short summary, summing up. Here the following phrases are most often used: "We hope / hope ...", "I'm sure / sure ...", "Please excuse me for delaying the reply," etc.

The business letter ends with a polite signature: "Sincerely, ... (post addressee), ... (Full nameaddressee). " As necessary, you can specify the contact phone number, name and physical address of the company, the address of the company's website. If the letter contains attachments, then they are made out on separate sheets. In this case, sheet numbering can be common for the entire document or separate for the main letter and each application. Information about the applications must be contained in the body of the main letter before signing. The purpose of most documents is to interest the addressee, convince him, to force him to act in the direction necessary for the author. therefore The text of the letter should be unambiguous, concise, accurate and clear.

How to write a business letter
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