The appearance of Santa Claus in the house is looking forward toevery child. After all, the long-awaited New Year gifts are so nice to get from Grandfather. Of course, gifts from parents are also welcome, but you can always bring a fairy tale to the life of a child! The Land of Soviets offers parents and their children write a letter to Santa Claus!

To write a letter to Santa Claus should be taken very seriously. This is not a mere formalityto find out what gift you want to receivechild on New Year. A letter to Father Frost is a fairy tale that becomes reality. In addition, the process of writing a letter will require the child to show all his creative abilities and imagination. So, let's get down to the letter!

Write a letter to Father Frost, it would seem, notwill be very difficult. But this is only at first glance. The child himself does not know what can be written, why, in what sequence. His letter may turn out to be too short or completely incomprehensible to anyone. And if the child can not even write? That is why Parental help is simply necessary in any case.

Of course, the first thing to do is determine the structure of the letter. It is also important to think about what exactlywrite. You can not just tell Santa Claus what gift will be most desired. Therefore, the letter should begin with the description of the author himself. If your children already know how to write, let them self-describe themselves. But children need less help from adults. Make a list of certain questions that the kid should answer, and write down everything with his words. Do not do all the work for the child. Let him think himself that he can tell about himself, - name, age, where he lives and with whom, pets, favorite toys, cartoons, hobbies.

Then you can go to the second part of the letter: achievements of the child. Let him remember what he learned forlast year - learned poems or alphabet, the first written letters. All important achievements the child himself must realize and describe them. From the educational point of view such small achievements are fixed in the mind of the baby, and he feels himself a winner and a significant person.

Also an important section in the letter to Father Frost is a description of good deeds and good deeds. When this block is completed, you should also considerpromises of the baby. Let him think carefully about what he could do next year on his own, or what duties he would begin to do around the house. In no case do not put pressure on the child, you can only tell him. Make sure that everything promised by the child was concrete and executable.

Do not forget to explain to the child why you need thisdetail in the letter: Grandfather Frost will not be interested to read the letter, in which there are only a couple of lines. The more a child can write about himself, the better.

Now you can proceed to the most important - gift order. Here you should help the childselect a gift. It often happens that a baby has a lot of ideas and he himself does not really know what he really wants. So you can write a few ideas. You should also make sure that the gifts that the child wants to receive from Santa Claus were affordable for you.

And the last part - decoration of the letter and a creative gift to Santa Claus. This attribute is optional, but for developmentaesthetic taste and imagination of the child does not hurt. The letter can be decorated with applique, your own rhyme or drawing. The main thing is for the child to decorate the letter himself.

So, the letter is written. Now it remains to decide what to do with it. Him can be sent to the address where Father Frost lives. Another option is to put a letter onwindow sill with the child. When the baby falls asleep, the letter can be picked up. You can leave small traces on the place of the letter, they say, Grandfather's assistants arrived at night and took the letter.

If you decide to really send a letterGrandfather Frost, you can do it by regular mail. You can wait for the reply letter long enough, but it will definitely come! You understand how many letters every year receives Grandfather Frost!

Mail of Santa Claus in Russia:

Father Frost

Great Ustyug

Vologda region


And if your child already knows English, you can also write letter to Santa Claus. You can send it to this address:

To Santa Claus

Arctic Circle




How to write a letter to Santa Claus?
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