What if the boss likes to scream?
Communicating the boss with his subordinates through shouting is a frequent occurrence in labor relations. What if the boss likes to scream and how to react to it?

The most common reason for an initial cry is leadership style. That is, the boss initially believes thatin a different way from subordinates obedience and labor discipline is not achieved. Therefore, all orders and remarks, such a boss expresses in high tones, considering this to be absolutely normal and acceptable.

Another, no less common reason is hot-tempered character of the chief. If the supervisor by nature has a choleric temperament type, then, even in spite of the will, "starts from a half-turn", splashing out his anger or irritation on his subordinates.

Finally, there are even some professions, representatives of which, by definitionshould shout, as some bosses believe. This applies, for example, to builders, because according to the established stereotype, if they are not shouted at, they will not work. "He gets it" and the secretaries, because they are close to the authorities and are the first to take on the "blow".

So, what to do when the boss screams at you?

The first thing to remember is that with the help of shouting, Your boss is trying to convey to you a certain "message". And your task is to decipher the message. Therefore, your negative feedbacks are to the side, and try to understand what they want to tell you, just as if there was no shouting.

So that after every communication with the boss does not interfere with "Corvalol" or valerian, it is important learn not to respond to a cry, try to be as much as possible from him. How to do it? Just always remember that screaming chef - not a tragedy, life does not end there. What you perceive today as a big event, tomorrow may seem to you a mere trifle, not worth even worrying. Do not take everything very much to heart. Remember that work is not all life, but only a part of it.

The most sensitive people, as well as people with an increased sense of justice resort to the latest, extreme, method of eliminating the cries of the authorities - they are simply leave. Some are simply not tolerated by nature when they are shouted at, others think that they do not deserve such an unjust treatment, because they are not guilty of anything.

Often, employees rush to write a statement of their own volition because of the chief's shout in a fit of resentment and anger, and then even regret their fervor. To prevent this from happening to you, Try not to give in to emotions, postpone the adoption of such an important decision, as long asDo not settle down. And if, having weighed, all the pros and cons of your work, you will come to the conclusion that you still need to leave this place of work, then do it. After all, in the end, serfdom was abolished in 1861 and you are not a serf, and not a whipping boy. Nobody has the right to shout at you, only if you do not allow it /

What if the boss likes to scream?
What if the boss likes to scream?
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