Bad habits of the beginner

It is known that "with its charter in a strange monasterydo not go. " Therefore, if you recently found a new job, you should adhere to the norms and rules adopted in your new team. There are a number of habits that are "performed" by the newcomer look especially defiant and irritate not only colleagues but also bosses. So, what kind of bad habits newcomer?

Habit the first - a delay. According to the Labor Code, it is permissible to be latenot more than 15 minutes. This is a generally accepted rule, but different companies approach this issue in different ways. But even if it is not customary for the company to record the time of arrival of employees, the regular late arrivals will not go unnoticed. Therefore, it's best not to be late.

Habit the second - long to sit up at work. This habit will not show your diligence, but,on the contrary, will cause bewilderment. Colleagues may think that in this way you are trying to stand out, "curry favor" in front of the boss. And the boss, in turn, may think that you can not cope with your duties within the allotted time. And the most suspicious bosses can generally think that you are "sniffing" something.

Habit the third - to be engaged in work by personal affairs. Of course, circumstances can arisein different ways, and, for example, the tooth can get very sick at the wrong time, and neighbors, as luck would have it, decide to fill you in working hours. But your constant visits "for an hour" on "personal circumstances" can very much irritate others. Try to minimize your absences from the workplace.

Habit the fourth - frequent smoke breaks. When a newcomer is continually running into a smoking room, thisvery negatively affects the attitude of others around him. Colleagues will look at you indignantly, and the boss may well want to calculate how much time you spent with a cigarette. Therefore, during working hours, you should try to reduce the number of smoke breaks.

Habit the fifth is to make a mess. "Creative" mess on the desktop is acceptableexcept at home, but not at work. If in your workplace rubble from dirty dishes, pieces of paper, broken pens, this, again, will interfere with the normal development of the relationship between you and the team, because you will be considered a very untidy person who can not keep order.

Habit six is ​​to dress "not like everyone else." Strongly expressed individual style in clothes -it's always good, but not at work. Firstly, if there is a certain dress code in your company, then in any case you will have to comply with it. However, if there are no strict rules regarding the appearance of employees, it is still better to allocate clothes that work less than the generally accepted style in your company.

Habit the seventh - there is much. On the one hand, if your diet is forcingYou eat more often than usual (for example, a doctor prescribed this diet for you), then of course you need to eat. It's better if you do not eat right in your workplace. But if you still do it, then the food should be chosen low-fat, not crunchy and without sharp odors, so that your snack does not prevent others from working.

Habit the eighth is to demonstrate fatigue. Everyone has the right to be tired, but to demonstrateyour fatigue parading is better not worth it. Your zealous zeal, discussions about the upcoming evening or weekend are also able to create an atmosphere in the team not in your favor. After all, so you risk to earn the image of a sluggish and unemployed employee, who only thinks, as soon as possible to leave.

The habit of the ninth is to have fun in the workplace. This habit you, like a beginner, is one of the mostpernicious. If you "catch" a constant online communication (social networks, ICQ, etc.), then there is reason to think about your professionalism. When do you work?

While you are new, colleagues and bosses are experiencingto you, every step is analyzed and evaluated. But even after gaining the status of "experienced" one should not think that now one can "blossom" and start to be late, entertain, rude, etc. Your polite, benevolent behavior, diligence and hard work will help you to take a worthy place in the team and move up the career ladder - do not miss your chance!

Bad habits of the beginner
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