Writing essays - an additional way to earn moneyThe writing of abstracts and scientific works is earned not only by undergraduate students. Writing essays as a way to earn money, of course, will not replace a full-fledged work, but inthe quality of home work, which allows refreshing professional knowledge and in addition to make money, this kind of activity is quite good. However, in writing essays to order there are pitfalls.

Writing abstracts to order (abstract business) is not prohibited by law. However, like any entrepreneurial activity done for profit, it must be properly registered. To write abstracts to order legally, you canto start cooperating with a large firm engaged in the execution of works for students. If you do not want to work for someone, you can register your private enterprise. Then your activity will be lawful, besides, it will protect you from deception on the part of the client. When accepting an order, you conclude a contract with the customer, which stipulates the price and terms of the order - that means, you will not be "thrown on the money."

However, most people who choseway of earning writing essays, do not tend to formalize their activities, because they are too lazy to deal with papers or they do not want to pay taxes. This is their choice, but we must warn you that, doing the same, you act at your own peril and risk! Such activities are classified by the informal "gray" economy and mean tax avoidance. Therefore, you should be aware of the whole risk of such informal activities.

But let's say that you all the same officially engaged in writing abstracts to order. What should you remember about this business? Firstly, Take only those areas of knowledge in which you really understand. No matter how great your desire for a hastycompile an essay on an unfamiliar topic and get money for it, do not give in to it. But with this, you should not restrict yourself too much. It is quite possible to cope with the work of related fields of knowledge, especially if you ordered an essay onnon-core for the student subject. Let's say your profile is English. But in many language schools, Latin is included in the curriculum, and if you have not forgotten it yet, you can take on tasks not only in English but also in simple exercises in Latin.

When writing a paper, you should also focus on Features of the order. To abstracts on core subjects usuallymore serious demands are made, which means that it is necessary to treat this work with maximum responsibility. But writing an essay on general non-special subjects is usually an easier job.

Before you start writing essays to order, you need to do a selection of necessary literature - this should be both Internet sources andbooks, because not all the specialized works that are considered classical in this or that field are freely available on the Internet. But in the scientific library, they may well be. Try to read specialized periodicals in order to keep abreast of the latest news in the field of science. When choosing the scientific papers that you will use to fulfill the order, please note citation index scientific articles. The more other publications refer to this or that scientific work, the more authoritative it is. Naturally, the significance of publications that refer to it is taken into account.

But one knowledge will not be enough for you. Often when writing abstracts to order, "pierced" on the design. You must have a scientific style of presentation. It is also necessary to familiarize with requirements for the design of scientific works of various types - abstracts, control, course and diploma papersworks. General requirements for registration of all universities can be found on the website of the VAK (Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education) or the equivalent of this institution in your country. Also it is necessary to clarify the customer requirements for registration in his school and specifically at the department for which work is being done. Their "fads" about the design are even among individual teachers, do not forget about it. Pay special attention to the design of a bibliographic list, citations and footnotes.

When writing abstracts to order is very important uniqueness of work. Many educational institutions use specialized programs to check scientific work on plagiarism. It is believed that standard scientific work should contain 70% of the unique text. Depending on the severity of work and requirementsuniversity or even a specific teacher, the requirements for the uniqueness of the text of the work may become tougher, this should be taken into account when executing an order. So do not get carried away by copying and compiling different sources. The desire to tinker and do the work as quickly as possible will lead to the fact that you will remain without money, and your reputation will be spoiled, this can significantly reduce the flow of customers.

So, to successfully writeabstracts to order, you need to legally formalize your activities, understand well the chosen field of knowledge and related fields, as well as in the rules for the design of scientific works, be able to correctly express thoughts in a scientific style. Then the customers, and with them the earnings, will not keep you waiting!

Writing essays - an additional way to earn money
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