What to feed the baby at the age of 6 months?

Breast milk is the best and healthy food forlittle man. But in situations where the baby grows on artificial feeding, he begins to feel the need for additional useful substances before.

Therefore, from about four months, these children can be introduced into the diet fruit and vegetable juices and mashed potatoes. Initially, their number should not exceed 20 g per day. For children who are breastfeeding their mother, you can start giving juices and mashed potatoes from six months.

It should be consulted with the pediatrician, what juices and how much can be given exactly to your baby, so as not to cause him allergies.

From six months the child can be given porridges. Only choose better high-quality blendsindustrial production, since whole cow milk is still difficult for the child to absorb. Begin to give the porridge to the baby follows from small amounts - half or a whole teaspoon. Gradually, for 10-12 days the amount can be increased to the required norm of 150 g per day. The first for complementary foods are recommended cereals that do not contain gluten, that is, protein cereals. Therefore, you need to start with rice, buckwheat, maize.

If before, pediatricians advised givingkids so-called lure instead of one of the breastfeeding, now they recommend giving the children cereal or mashed potatoes after one of the feedings, better the morning. In this case, you can observe the reaction of the baby to this dish all day. If there is a negative reaction to a new dish (redness, rash), then you can try to give the same dish again in a few days (5-6). If the reaction repeats, you should abandon this dish.

Introduce every new product in the baby's diet should be strictly one by one. That is, if you give your crumb a vegetable pureefrom zucchini, then to introduce into his diet puree from carrots, you need to add some of the carrot puree to the main, zucchini, gradually increasing its amount. As long as the baby is not completely accustomed to the new food, one should not introduce another new product into his diet.

Remember that food for a six-month-old child should not contain lumps, but should be homogeneous and liquid. After all, the baby still does not have enough teeth to chew food!

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