Common problems with the laptopMany people in addition to the desktop PC (orinstead of it) there is also a laptop. Laptops are fond of compactness, but this compactness can do a disservice: constantly dragging the laptop around and inaccurate handling can lead to breakdown. However, not all Problems with the laptop - User's fault.

But still in the vast majority of cases, problems with the laptop - the result of inaccurate treatment. Probably, the leader of the "hit parade of problems" is breakage caused by liquid spilled on the keyboard. Would it be an ordinary PC, would it hurt onlykeyboard, but in the laptop fluid can penetrate deeper and damage the "insides". The degree of damage and the cost of repairs depend on your luck. So the best way to avoid this problem with the laptop is to keep the cups away from it (cups, glasses, glasses) with liquid. If you still spilled - immediately turn off the laptop and remove the battery.

If you are too hard at "tapping" on the keyboard, the "caps" of the keys may fall off. Sometimes it's the fault of the manufacturer who used substandard components, but it's better to moderate your ardor. A very common problem is a broken matrix (screen). This detail is more fragile than it may seem,so cases of damage to the matrix are not so rare. Let's say you left the pen on the keyboard and closed the lid - here's the crack on the matrix. A replacement matrix is ​​quite expensive.

Inaccurate transportation can lead to scratches on hard disks or dropouts from connectors on the motherboard, and inaccurate removal of connectors from USB ports - to mechanical damage to ports.

Common problems with the laptop include overheating. Very often the cooling system becomes clogged andout of service due to user's fault. Blockage is facilitated by moulting pets, fleecy clothes, frequent work with the laptop on their laps or without removing it from the bag.

Therefore, try not to let your pets to the laptop, do not work for him in "shaggy" sweaters, and when working put it on the table or on a special cooling pad. AND Clean it regularly from dust, if you do not know how or do not dare to do it yourself - refer your laptop to a service center.

Of course, not all hardware problems with the laptop happen due to users' fault. For example, power unit failure - quite a frequent problem that a user may encounter. This may mean that the power supply unit has already simply outlived its own or was initially of poor quality. If laptop does not charge, the problem can be in a faulty battery. If the battery is working, the problem is in the power circuits: the charge voltage is simply not applied.

Problems with the laptop can be not only hardware, but also software. The most common problem is the lack of drivers. The operating system may not "pick up" everythinglaptop device. Usually, the necessary drivers can be downloaded on the official website of the manufacturer, selecting the model of the laptop, and then they need to be installed as a normal program.

Sometimes problems with the laptop occur when Try to install on it the operating system Windows XP. This is due to the fact that the old distributions of thisThe operating system is not "familiar" with the new SATA controllers. One way to solve the problem is to go into the BIOS and move the hard disk controller from Native Mode to Compatible Mode, or from AHCI to the IDE (depending on the BIOS version, it can be indicated in different ways).

Sometimes it happens that the same problem can be both hardware and software. For example, if the touchpad does not work, the reasoncan be either in the absence of drivers or even trivial shutdown of the touchpad, and in its mechanical damage. Therefore, when solving a problem with a laptop of a similar nature, you must first exclude banal and obvious reasons, and only then contact the service center.

Hardware problems with a laptop are difficult to solve on their own - to disassemble it, and even more so to reassemble it, is heavier than a stationary computer. therefore it is better to take the laptop to a trustworthy service center. Note that a liquid-filled laptop or a broken matrix can not be repaired. Well, it goes without saying that such repairs are not subject to warranty repairs.

Many problems with the laptop can be prevented. For this, you just need to be carefulhandle it during operation and transport, keep away from it containers with liquids, do not leave small items on the keyboard. Laptops have become so familiar that we have forgotten that this is a fragile electronics. If you remember this, the laptop will last you much longer.

Common problems with the laptop
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