Internet addictionThe appearance of the Internet has greatly facilitated ourlife, because in him in a matter of seconds you can find a lot of useful and interesting information. Without even noticing, we are beginning to spend more and more time on the web, the result of which can become internet addiction.

Internet addiction is expressed in the craving as quickly as possible to go to the Internet and the inability to get out of it on time. Specialists identify four main features of Internet addiction:

  • obsessive desire to check e-mail as often as possible

  • anticipation of next access to the network

  • increase the time spent on the Internet

  • increase the amount of money spent on the Internet

There is a special test for Internet addiction, developed by Kimberly Young, which allows you to determine how dependent you are on the World Wide Web. Try to honestly answer the following questions:

  1. Do you often think about going online, remembering previous online sessions and looking forward to new ones?

  2. Do you need to spend more time on the Internet?

  3. Have you tried to unsuccessfully control, limit or completely stop your stay on the Web?

  4. If you are trying to limit or stop using the Internet, does this make you feel tired, irritated or oppressed?

  5. Do you spend more time on the web than you expected?

  6. Was the Internet the cause of potential or real problems in your personal life, study or work?

  7. Have you ever had to hide with real lies the real time on the Internet from anyone?

  8. Do you use the Internet as a means to avoid problems or bad mood?

If you answered "yes" to five or more questions - then you have Internet addiction.

Distinguished five main types of Internet addiction:

  • obsession with virtual acquaintances and communication (correspondence in chats, forums, blogs)

  • game dependence (dependence on network games)

  • obsessive surfing on the web (unordered search for information, go to links)

  • dependence on cybersex and visits to porn sites

  • intrusive financial need (gambling, excessive participation in online auctions, useless purchases in online stores).

What is the danger of Internet addiction? First, it can lead to conflicts with therelatives and friends. A person who is dependent on the Internet spends more and more time at the computer, and gives less and less to friends and relatives. There is even such a thing as "computer widow" - when the husband and the computer actually live in the same room, and the wife with the child in the other. Anonymous communication on the web with virtual friends and acquaintances begins to displace the real.

Internet addiction can endure an impressive gap in the family budget. The service of access to the Internet by itself is notso expensive, but often the accompanying Internet addictions online games, gambling, paid porn sites, online shopping and auctions often require a lot of money, and not virtual, but quite real.

Internet addiction changes a person's personality. Internet addiction itself is not yet recognizeddisease, but it can become the foundation for the development of other addictive disorders (addictions), because the personality has already undergone changes. Internet addiction can also cause social disadaptation.

Excessive exposure to a computer, accompanying Internet addiction, can cause health problems. Among them - tunnel syndrome (nerve damagehand bruises), headaches, back and vision problems, sleep disorders and malnutrition due to eating disorders (Internet dependent people often forget to eat on time). Internet addiction is especially dangerous for people suffering from diseases that require regular medication (for example, diabetics). Carried away by the communication on the Web, such a person simply simply forgets to take the medicine again, and the consequences can be deplorable.

How to get rid of Internet addiction? In particularly neglected cases, assistance will be requiredpsychotherapist, there are special centers for helping Internet addicts abroad. But if you have already realized your problem, but you can still control yourself, try to gradually limit yourself in using the Internet, finding alternatives in reality. Instead of reading a book on the computer, find a paper version. Do you like to communicate with friends in ICQ and social networks? And when did you last go with them to a cafe or for a walk? Do not write to your girlfriend an email with a declaration of love - call her, or better - meet her from work or school.

To get rid of Internet addiction, you cana hobby not connected with the computer. It should be interesting and exciting for you. It can be needlework, gardening, cooking, tourism, sports, painting ... Options - mass. The main thing is that your relatives and friends support you in your endeavors.

Internet addiction is certainly a problem, but do not rush to blame the Internet for all your troubles. The World Wide Web is not bad and not good, it all depends on how we use it.

Internet addiction

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