Psychological dependenceEveryone depends on something or someone. You can argue that you are an absolutely free person who is not familiar with the notion of dependence. But in fact, this is not so, because our existence directly depends on other factors: food, air, water. Physiological dependence is our everyday life. But psychological dependence Is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Psychological dependence is very multifaceted, the more so far psychologists have not been able to come to a common opinion how to describe it. Yes, and types of psychological dependence there is a lot. Many are addicted to smoking or eating, although evendo not suspect this. And others can not live without a man. For the third world is not nice without computers and the Internet. As you can see, there is psychological dependence, where to turn around, because she is subject to a lot of people.

But first, let's define, what is a psychological dependence. The description in full terms does not always give an accurateconcept for everyone. Therefore, you can describe the psychological dependence in this way: a constant return to certain conditions in which life seems easier, better and more colorful. For example, you have a psychological dependence on a person. It manifests itself in that it does not matter for what reason, but you always want to be with this person, because beside him it is comfortable, all the problems go to the background. And you can not imagine life without it. Here you have your psychological dependence.

Psychology of dependence is very complicated, but doctors know how it is formed. The person in the life experiences varioustroubles and tragedies. And if some people persistently tolerate them, others can not cope with their problems. These weak-spirited people are most exposed to different dependencies. And it all starts with the fact that once such people in frustrated feelings try to escape from reality. Therefore, they take drugs, cloud the clarity of thoughts with alcohol or switch their attention to food. In any case, coping with psychological dependence will be very difficult.

The most trouble people get alcoholic psychological dependence. Drunk drunkards do not look into the bottlebecause they are drawn to the next dose of alcohol, but because they are in a world where they are easy and comfortable. Cure such a dependence is almost impossible, because in many years no alcoholic can imagine a life where there is not a drop of booze.

Many people try to replace their dependence with something else. Thus, in attempts to overcome the physiologicaldependence, say, on smoking, men eat sweets or peel seeds. Yes, physiological dependence is overcome, but psychological dependence on seeds or sweets develops. All this suggests an incorrect approach to the problem and pathetic attempts to cope with it independently.

But it's not so bad. Many realize that their psychological problem prevents them from living a normal full life. Therefore, it is only fair to ask: how to get rid of psychological dependence? Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this on your own. Only a psychologist can help to cope with this problem.

The most effective are classes in a group where people with the same problem are gathered. Of course, you can deal with each personindividually, but the use of such treatment will be, alas, a little. After all, every person, feeling in himself new forces, quickly gets tired from the studies and thinks that he himself will cope. In the end, everything is exactly the opposite. Psychological dependence returns, and all efforts are wasted. In the group, however, the majority view is an authority, so no one wants to look worse in the eyes of other people.

Overcoming psychological dependence is a very long and hard way. But at the end of it you can confidently say that you can start a new life in which there is no place for such a concept as psychological dependence.

Psychological dependence
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