Black screen of death

Along with the notorious blue screen of death (BSoD) there is also his "twin brother" black screen of death (KSoD - blacK Screen of Death). What is the black screen of death? What causes its appearance and can we fight it? This is today in the Land of Soviets.

Black screen of death is named so by analogy withthe famous critical error in the operating systems of the Windows family in people named "blue screen of death." The black screen of death is a problem that many users of the system encountered (and still continue to experience) in 2009 Windows 7. After downloading this operating system, which, by the way, goes in the usual mode, users instead of the usual desktop, task bar, Start Menu, see an absolutely empty black screen.

At first, the "culprit" of the problem wasMicrosoft itself and its security updates for the Windows 7 system. However, it was later found out that the black screen of death is likely to cause some peculiarities of storing string data in the system registry. Own investigation was conducted by Prevx company and found out that when processing Shell value with REG_SZ line with trailing zero, this problem arises.

The fact is that if a virus or other maliciousThe software will change the value of this registry string so that it does not include characters with a trailing zero, then this value will not be loaded correctly, which causes the black screen of death.

Black screen of death - is there a solution?

Solution for the black screen of death suggested the company Prevx - she created a utilityBlack Screen Fix, which in most cases helps to eliminate the black screen of death. If you are the owner of Windows 7 operating system, to prevent possible problems you can download this utility from the website of Prevx. The utility is provided for free.

If the black screen of death is already familiar to your computer, then there are several ways to fix the problem.

To start, you need to "Cause" the black screen of death. To do this, restart your computer and log in to the system. At the same time, your computer must be connected to the Internet.

Run it. "Task Manager" using the key combination. In the window that opens, you need to click on the "Applications" tab. On this tab, click the New Task button.

In the dialog box, type the following command in an empty string:

"C: Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe" ""

In this example, the browser is selectedInternet Explorer. If you are using a different browser, specify the path to the command in the command. This command initiates the download of the above-mentioned Black Screen Fix utility from Prevx's website. To confirm the start of the download, click "OK".

In the window that opens, you will be asked"Run" or "Save" this utility. Click the "Run" button. After executing the program, it remains only to restart the computer. The black screen of death should no longer disturb you.

remember, that to defeat the black screen of death is not always possible in this way. In cases where a computer is infected with malware, this "treatment" may not help.

In a similar situation You can try to fix the problem registry value manually. To do this, just like in the previous method, call "Task Manager" and create a new task - regedit. The window for editing the registry opens.

In this editor, open the branch:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WindowsNT / CurrentVersion / Winlogon

In the right pane of the program window, double-clickkey Shell. The value of this key must be "explorer.exe". If it differs, you need to remove the extra characters, leaving only explorer.exe. After you save the key value, you must restart the computer.

In case the value is explorer.exe is specified, but the black screen still appears, you must manually remove the Shell key, and then create a new key with that name. To do this, select "New-> String parameter" in the Registry Editor and enter Shell. After creation, enter the value of the "explorer.exe" key, confirm with the "OK" button and restart the computer.

The black screen of death is an unpleasant problem. We hope our advice helped you in solving it.

Black screen of death
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