How to disable Windows 7 Firewall?Windows Firewall is a program,It provides the security of the computer connected to the network. It controls incoming and outgoing connections, making the work on the Internet and the local network more secure. But there are times when it needs to be turned off. How to disable Windows Firewall?

The firewall is also called firewall, network screen or firewall. The word Brandmauer in German and the wordThe firewall in English means a dead firewall on the building. It is made of fireproof material and does not allow fire to spread to neighboring buildings.

This name describes the essence of the program quite accurately. The firewall is designed to provide network security, controlling both the access of the computer to the local network and the Internet, and access to the computer from the outside. Like a dead wall, it protects the computer from external network threats and prevents it from becoming a threat to other network computers.

Windows Firewall is not an alternative to antivirus software. These two programs usually work "in conjunction". Although some antivirus vendors are releasing software "2 in 1", combining the functions of a firewall and antivirus. Often such solutions are called Internet Security, Smart Security or something similar.

But sometimes it happens that the user has to disable the Windows firewall, which is "bundled" with the operating system. The reasons for this can be very different. When should I need to disable the firewall?

  • the user decided to install a third-party firewall: if there are two firewalls on the computer, one must be disabled, otherwise they will conflict;

  • the Windows firewall is not configured correctly and makes it difficult (for example, it does not allow you to go online);

  • a weak "filling" of the computer or a low speed Internet connection does not allow to work normally, and the firewall still slows down more.

How to disable Windows 7 Firewall?

We will talk about disabling the firewall on the example of Windows 7, t. The firewall in Windows XP is disabled by default due to compatibility issues, and the Windows Vista operating system, firstly, is less common, and secondly, in many respects similar to Windows 7.

So, to disable the Windows 7 firewall, we first need go to the Control Panel (Start - Control Panel). When the Control Panel opens, select the Windows Firewall section in the window. In the left part of the window that opens, there will be a menu. You need to select the Enable or Disable Windows Firewall option.

A window will open in which you will list the types of network you use (usually a private home and work network and a public network, ie the Internet). Necessary separately disable the firewall for each network typeby selecting the Disable Windows Firewall option. Then click OK to save the changes.

But to completely disable the firewall, you need to do another important thing - disable the appropriate service. To do this, click on the Start button, enter in thesearch line services.msc and press the Enter button. In the right part of the window that opens, you need to find the Windows Firewall and double-click on it with the left mouse button. Another window opens. In it, go to the General tab, click the Stop button, select the Disable option in the drop-down list, and then click OK.

Then you need to remove service from autorun. To do this, click Start, type in the search termmsconfig and press Enter. In the window that opens, go to the Services tab and clear the check mark next to Windows Firewall. Click OK. If you skip this step, the firewall will be started every time the system starts. When you close the system configuration window, you will be prompted to restart the computer, but you can select Exit without rebooting.

To re-enable the firewall, you must first disable and delete all other firewalls, and then do all the previous actions in this order: start the service, turn on the firewall, put the service on autorun.

How to disable Windows 7 Firewall?
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