Checking files online. Dr.Web Anti-VirusA new useful service from the creators of the anti-virus Dr.Web - on-line scanning of files and links by Dr.Web anti-virus.

You can add an online checklist of files and links (URL) to the code of your site, and any visitor will be free to use this service for scanning files and links by antivirus Dr.Web. The check is performed using the most current set of virus databases, which is updated one or more times per hour.

Link to the form code and accompanying images.

In addition, Dr.Web has a free healing utility - Dr.Web CureIt!

If on your PC an antivirus other than Dr.Web is installed, and you doubt its effectiveness, then using the utility Dr.Web CureIt! without installing Dr.Web in the system, you can quickly check your computer, and, in case of detection of malicious objects, cure it.

How to find out if your computer is infected?

  1. Download Dr.Web CureIt !, keeping the utility on the hard drive.

  2. Run the saved file for execution (double click on it with the left mouse button).

  3. Wait for the scan to finish and examine the scan report. Do you need other evidence? :)

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