Doctors consider renal colic one of the moststrong painful sensations, possible in humans, and those patients who fully knew what it is are in full agreement with them. Kidney stones often cause kidney colic - an attack of acute pain is caused by the inability of a normal outflow of urine from the kidneys. The stone gets stuck in the ureter and partially or completely fences it, and besides it damages surrounding tissues with its hard and, sometimes, sharp edges. Folk remedies can help get rid of kidney stones, but it's very important not to harm yourself when applying them. We will tell you what to look for when treating kidney stones with folk remedies.

Symptoms of the presence of kidney stones and the possibility of treatment with folk remedies

Although the exact causes of the appearance of kidney stonesphysicians argue until now, it is known that various metabolic disturbances lead to their appearance. Such violations can be very different, and accordingly, stones also have different chemical composition. The purpose of treatment is to partially dissolve and remove stones from the body, and it can be achieved by a variety of means, including traditional medicine methods.

The use of folk remedies can bringgreat relief, but can also vice versa, to provoke a painful attack of urolithiasis. The whole thing is just in different composition of stones - the means that helped one person to dissolve them, the other can cause the opposite effect. Before choosing a folk remedy for treatment, you need to find out exactly what type and size you have kidney stones.

Kidney stones are not only a serious illness andunpleasant, but also lasting. Even if you have got rid of them, for example, surgically, the probability of their repeated formation is high, this disease is prone to relapse.Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

To suspect the presence of stones allow:

  • bladder

  • too frequent urination with a small amount of effluent urine

  • general deterioration of the condition, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and, sometimes, painful urination

  • high temperature (up to 38-40 degrees) simultaneously with the appearance in the urine of a precipitate similar to sand or the increase of the stench of urine

  • appearance in the urine of blood

  • the appearance of pain in the groin, in the lower abdomen, in the lower back or under the ribs (from the side or from the back)

  • change in the intensity of pain with a frequency of 20 minutes to an hour

  • the appearance or intensification of pain after physical exertion, the intake of large amounts of fluid or the intake of diuretics

However, to determine whether these are really stones inkidneys, as well as to find out their nature and size can only the doctor. The fact that these symptoms are typical for a number of diseases, some of which require urgent intervention of the surgeon. So, first of all - an urgent trip to the doctor, and only when the diagnosis of urolithiasis is not in doubt, you can start thinking about the choice for its treatment of folk remedies.

What kind of stones can form in the kidneys?

Any stone formed in the kidney is a mixtureorganic substances and insoluble mineral salts. With the help of folk remedies, it is possible to achieve the destruction of such a stone and the relatively safe removal of its remains together with urine. However, the solubility and shape of the stones depend on their composition.

The most common stones are:

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

  1. Oxalatite stones. These are dense black formations with spines onSurfaces consisting of salts of oxalic or ascorbic acid. Dissolve them is impossible, large stones are removed surgically. Sometimes folk remedies can achieve natural excretion of oxalates along with urine, but only while they are very small. Usually folk remedies are used to reduce the risk of re-education of such stones.

  2. Phosphate stones. Soft and loose, with a smooth surface, whitestones from salts of phosphoric acid. They dissolve quite easily, including folk remedies, and are amenable to treatment with a special diet.

  3. Carbonate stones. Soft smooth stones of white color, consist of calcium salts of carbonic acid. They also dissolve very easily, with the same means as phosphate stones.

  4. Uranium stones. Brown rounded formations, consisting of salts of uric acid. They dissolve easily and are amenable to various types of treatment. Sometimes a proper diet is enough to get rid of urate stones.

In 70% of cases of urolithiasis inkidneys are formed oxalate and phosphate stones. And in half the cases, different types of kidney stones are detected simultaneously. If a small stone came out in your urine, be sure to take it to your doctor for analysis - this will help determine its type and prescribe the treatment you need.

Less common are stones of other species:

  • struvite or "kidney corals" - are sometimes called infectious, as they are formed under the influence of pathogenic bacteria

  • cystine and xanthine - their formation is regulated by hereditary damages of amino acid metabolism

  • Cholesterol - completely composed of cholesterol

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

Features of the diet during the treatment of kidney stones

Kidney stones are one of those diseases,the success of treatment which directly depends on the correctness of the chosen diet. Features of nutrition affect the appearance of stones, so diet therapy is one of the ways that you can independently promote your recovery.

Diet in the treatment of oxalate stones

Oxalate stones are formed as a result ofconsumption of foods that contain a lot of vitamin C and a lack of vitamin B6 and magnesium, so one of the risk groups are lovers of the so-called healthy lifestyle, consuming huge amounts of carrots, beets, leafy vegetables and citrus fruits, but not enough meat. The appearance of phosphate and carbonate stones is very likely in those who prefer milk products to other foods, as well as vegetarians. Uranium stones (very often together with gout) threaten, on the contrary, those in whose diet an excess of animal protein, especially in combination with alcohol. Accordingly, the therapeutic diet will provide for a change in the habitual eating style.

If you have formed in the kidneys of oxalate or carbonate stones, adjust the diet as follows:

Exclude or reduce

  • vinegar

  • salad

  • beet

  • carrot

  • tomatoes

  • sweet bell pepper

  • beans: beans, peas, lentils, green peas, asparagus beans

  • rhubarb

  • spinach

  • sorrel

  • parsley

  • cod

  • salted bacon

  • smoked meat

  • meat and fish broth

  • jellied

  • citrus fruits, especially lemons

  • baking

  • strong tea

  • home preparations in which ascorbic acid is used as a preservative

Zoom in

  • boiled meat

  • boiled sausage

  • baked fish

  • boiled, then baked

  • boiled potatoes

  • cabbage: white, Brussels, color

  • pear

  • melon

  • quince

  • apricots

  • bananas

  • grapes

  • pumpkin

  • dairy

  • cucumber without skin

  • prunes

  • zucchini

  • eggplant

  • vegetable oil

  • wholemeal bread

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

If you want to get rid of phosphate stones, the diet should be as follows:

Exclude or reduce

  • Dairy products of any kind (fresh and sour milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese) are excluded completely

  • eggs

  • mushrooms

  • baking

  • smoked meat

  • broths meat and fish

  • all spicy seasonings

  • potatoes

  • cabbage any

  • all salting and domestic preparations

  • nuts

  • prunes

  • pumpkin

  • asparagus

  • all fruits and vegetables are limited in quantity

  • coffee

  • strong tea

Zoom in

  • meat

  • bird

  • fat

  • a fish

  • soaked herring

  • pasta

  • vegetable oil

  • sugar

  • honey

  • bran bread

  • bread kvass

  • porridge on the water

  • sour apples

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

To heal from urate stones in the kidneys, stick to such a diet:

Exclude or reduce

  • meat, especially fatty

  • fish, canned fish

  • offal

  • jelly

  • beans, especially beans and peas

  • Red wine

  • beer

  • seafood

  • strong meat and fish broths

  • all pickles and marinades

  • eggs

  • sausages

  • garlic

  • tomatoes

  • coffee

  • cocoa

  • chocolate

  • salt

  • celery

  • asparagus

Zoom in

  • Sweets (except baking)

  • mushrooms

  • butter

  • vegetable oil

  • apples

  • pears

  • apricots

  • peaches

  • grapes

  • cabbage, especially white and colored

  • beet

  • carrot

  • dairy products (except hot cheese)

  • Tea with lemon

  • honey

  • marmalade

  • rice and oatmeal porridge

  • yesterday's bread or toast

  • walnuts

  • vegetable soups

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

Regardless of the type of stones, you should drinkmuch water. It should be pure water in addition to all other liquids - juices, compotes, tea or coffee. It is best if it is soft, with a low content of mineral salts. But distilled water does not work, water should still be natural. It is desirable for a day to drink up to 8 glasses of clean water. This will allow the body to allocate those one and a half liter of urine, which are necessary to get rid of the crystalline salt prone.

The use of folk remedies for the treatment of urolithiasis and getting rid of kidney stones

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesThe best reviews are those populardrugs that allow for the treatment of getting rid of kidney stones. However, you can use them only if the stones are small enough, otherwise the risk of blockage of the urinary duct by the stone is great. Stones up to 3 mm in size are usually called sand, folk medicine can be used almost without restrictions. If the size of the stone is from 3 to 5 mm, it is already necessary to consult a doctor, how it is better to dissolve before removal. If the stone is even larger, it is considered large. If necessary, it will be necessary to extract it if necessary surgically, and folk remedies will help to avoid recurrence of the disease.

Water Impact

Dehydration of the body provokes the formation of kidney stones. To cleanse the kidneys, especially in the summer, conveniently sit in the shade and drink 1 liter of water for 30 minutes.

  • If you have a tendency to swelling, or if it's just hard for you to drink a whole liter, drink less, but still not less than 500ml.

  • Throats try to make small, but fast.

  • Choose a soft and not carbonated water.

Do this regularly, in order to stimulate the formation of urine.

Folk remedies for the treatment of oxalate kidney stones

Because oxalate stones do not dissolve, do nottry to find a way to split them somehow, it can cause renal colic. Small oxalates and sand from the body can be removed with a lot of liquid.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesWatermelon with black bread

For 2 weeks, eat watermelons with a small amount of rye bread.

The stones will need to be removed in the evening, from 17 hours to 21 hours, when the kidneys work as efficiently as possible.

Sit in a bath with warm water and eat as much watermelon as you can.

Warm water will expand the ureters, and watermelon will cause severe urination and stimulate the excretion of sand and small stones.

No stones, except for oxalates, can not be deduced by this method.

Also, one should be careful of people with a weak heart and with diseases of the stomach, this procedure is contraindicated for them.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesGrape infusion

To prepare the infusion, gather spring young twigs and a mustache of grapes and chop them.

2 teaspoons of chopped branches pour 2 cups of boiling water.

Keep in a water bath for 3 minutes, then pour into a thermos and let it stand for an hour and a half.

Strain and take 4 times a day for a quarter cup.

During treatment, increase the amount of liquid that is drunk during the day by about one and a half times that of the usual one.

Folk remedies for treatment of phosphate stones in the kidneys

Phosphate stones grow rapidly, but soften andFurther dissolution can be relatively easy. However, their appearance means an overabundance in the body of calcium, so the first priority should be given to the diet.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesDecoctions from the roots

According to many reviews, decoctions of roots of plants grown on stony ground help to get rid of phosphates. To prepare the broth used:

  • barberry

  • dogrose

  • grapes

  • waggon

  • heather-quarry

  • horsetail

Collect the roots in autumn, wash them off the ground, dry and grind.

2 tbsp. Spoon the crushed roots with 1 cup boiling water. Cook for 15 minutes. on low heat, allow to cool, then strain.

Drink a third of the glass 3 times a day half an hour after a meal.

Do not allow root decoctions to get on your teeth - they destroy tooth enamel.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesSpore infusion

1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry herb sponge, brew a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 40 minutes.

Strain and drink 3 times a day for a third of the glass, after eating.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesHerbal Remedies


  • 100 g of corn stigmas

  • 100 g of birch leaves

  • 50 g of juniper berries

  • 50 g of root of steel

  • 50 g of the snake mountaineer's root

  • 50 g of burdock root

Preparation and reception:

  1. Mix all the ingredients, store the collection in a tightly closed jar in a dark place.

  2. 1 tbsp. spoon collection pour 1 glass of boiling water.

  3. Boil for 15 minutes. on low heat, let cool and strain.

Drink 1 glass a day 3 times a day.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesInfusion of leaves of grapes

1 tbsp. Spoon a dry grape leaves with a glass of boiling water.

Allow to stand for 20 minutes, then strain.

Drink the infusion 2 times a day for half a cup.

Folk remedies, helping to get rid of urate kidney stones

Formed by salts of uric acid uratefairly easily dissolve when using folk remedies. However, you should still be careful. Too large urates are as dangerous as other stones in the kidneys. Before using folk remedies, be sure to check with your doctor.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesApple tea with lemon

Peel the sour apples and dry the peel, then rastolkite it in powder in a mortar or in a coffee grinder.

Lemon scalded with boiling water, cut into thick rings and sprinkle with sugar. Keep in the fridge.

2 teaspoons of apple powder pour 1 cup of boiling water and let it brew for 20 minutes.

Add a ring of lemon, along with sugar-soaked sugar, into the drink, stir.

In addition to lemon in apple tea you can add honey and ginger.

Drink like regular tea, up to 5 times a day for a glass. You can use this tool for 2 weeks in a row.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesBrewed oats

4 tbsp. Spoon the oats in the husks rinse with cold water.

In the evening, put the washed oats in a thermos and pour a glass of boiling water.

Let it brew for 12 hours, then wipe the oats through a fine sieve. Sieve is best used metal.

Kashitsu, which you will get, eat for breakfast, without adding to it neither salt nor sugar.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesOnion broth


  • 1 kg of blue onion

  • 0.5 L of fresh milk

Preparation and reception:

  1. Peel onion and finely chop.

  2. Pour onion with milk and boil on low heat for 10 minutes, then strain.

This amount of decoction is enough for you for a day. Drink it before eating, divided into 3 divided doses.

Drink such a decoction for a week in a row, then take a break for 5 days and repeat the course.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesHeather infusion

1 tbsp. Spoon the heather in a thermos and pour boiling water in the amount of 0.5 liters.

Insist 12 hours, then strain.

Drink 3 times a day before meals for 0.5 glasses.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesDeciduous infusion


  • 100 g of currant leaves

  • 100 g of strawberry leaves

  • 50 g of wormwood

  • 50 g of chopped parsley root

Preparation and reception:

  1. Mix all the ingredients, put in a dark place in a tightly closed container for storage.

  2. 1 tbsp. Spoon the mixture with a glass of boiling water.

  3. Insist 30 minutes, then strain.

Drink 2 tablespoons. spoons before meals 4 times a day.

Chicken navels


  • 40 pcs. uncooked chicken stomachs (chicken navels)

  • 2 tbsp. spoons of sporality

  • 2 tbsp. spoons of flaxseed

Preparation and reception:

Chicken stomach rinse well and remove from theminner film, only she will be used. Dry the film on a tracing paper or white paper 3-5 days before brittle condition, then bake into powder in a coffee grinder. Add crushed sponges and crushed flaxseed.

  1. Eat 1 teaspoon of the mixture for 30 minutes. before eating, drink water.

  2. 10 consecutive days, eat the mixture 3 times a day, then take a break for 10 days.

  3. Next 10 days, take the mixture 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Then again, take a 10-day break.

  4. And another 10 days, eat 1 teaspoon of the mixture in the morning. 50 days - duration of one course of treatment.

  5. In total it is necessary to spend 3 courses of treatment with a break between courses of 20 days.

During treatment, alcohol is completely excluded from the diet.

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesKidney stones: treatment with folk remedies

Kidney stones: treatment with folk remediesEgg with lemon


  • 1 chicken egg

  • 1 cup of boiled water

  • 1 medium lemon

Preparation and reception:

  1. Wash the egg with soap and soap (use only baby or household soap).

  2. Pour the egg with boiled water for 12 hours.

  3. Scald the lemon with boiling water and squeeze out the juice from it.

  4. Remove the egg, break it and mix until smooth, but do not whisk.

  5. Add the water in which it was infused and the lemon juice into the egg.

  6. Drink the resulting mixture before breakfast.

Use this tool you need a week in a row, but it is suitable only for those who have no problems with the stomach.

Treat folk remedies with kidney stones, do not allow relapse of the disease and be healthy!

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