How to quickly cure purulent sore throat folk remediesAlas, no one is insured against attacks of pathogens. As a result, as a result of a malfunction of the immune system, you are already sick with purulent sore throat - inflammation of the tonsils.

Further it is necessary to be defined with the scheme of treatment- Whether to address to traditional medicine or to resort to national recipes? Folk remedies for the treatment of angina have anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, bactericidal and antiseptic effects.

If you use them strictly as indicated, they will not cause harm to the body and will effectively cope with the disease, especially at its initial stage.

Traditional treatment of purulent sore throat can and should be combined with taking medications. Such an integrated approach to treatment will help to quickly get on your feet.

The most effective folk remedies for the rapid treatment of purulent sore throat

How to treat and cure purulent sore throat with the help of usual products and herbs we will tell below.

Agent number 1 - propolis. It must be diluted 1: 1 with water. To collect in a mouth tincture, to take about tonsils and to spit. This procedure is repeated 5 times. Gargle with propolis need every 2 hours. A useful product of beekeeping can also be chewed - it also gives an effect. if the mouth feels burning at the same time, then the medicine works.

Means number 2 - beets. We rub on a small grater, squeeze the juice - so that the glass is filled. Then you need to add 1 st.l. vinegar. The resulting solution rinse the throat several times (5-6) once a day, until full recovery.

Means number 3 - aloe. Its juice should be diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 1 and also used to rinse your throat. Means

№ 4 - onions. From it you need to squeeze out the juice and use freshly squeezed 3-4 times a day for 1 tsp.

Means number 5 - lemon. When the disease is still at the development stage - lemon will help. It must be slowly chewed right along with the zest. After an hour, nothing is there. To treat purulent sore throat this way you need no more than 4 times a day, breaks between chewing - 3 hours. Means

№6 - sage. Infusion of sage leaves helps with purulent sore throat. 4 tsp crushed dry leaf pour boiling water (2 cups), then leave it for 30 minutes to infuse and filter. Gargling with a purulent sore throat such infusion gives its result.

Tool number 7 - blueberries. Effective with purulent sore throat rinsing with a thick broth of blueberries - 100 gr. pour two glasses of water, and it all boils, until the volume of water is less than half.

How to quickly cure purulent sore throat folk remedies

Means number 8 - a medical compress. In its composition, the following components - anesthesin (1.5 g), novocaine (1.5 g), menthol (3 g) and alcohol (100 g). All this is mixed and applied to the front of the neck, after which it is wrapped in a scarf or a warm kerchief. Apply the compress two times a day.

Can I use folk remedies to treat purulent sore throat during pregnancy?

Purulent sore throat during pregnancy is doubly dangerous,because together with her the child suffers. Today, treatment in this case is reduced to taking antibiotics, but future mothers should be treated with caution.

There are also drugs that havecontra-indications are not pregnancy - but without the appointment of a doctor, thinking what to do with purulent angina they can not be taken. But you can resort to the means of traditional medicine.

Rinses, inhalations and compresses will helpcope with the disease. But the treatment of purulent sore throat in children should be allowed by a doctor. Only he knows how to act better to recover.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko

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